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Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream opened October 1, 2001, in conjunction with Walt Disney World's 100 Years of Magic celebration, and has been extended indefinitely. Housed in one of the soundstages along Mickey Avenue, it brings guests their first view of special Disney memorabilia revolving around this great man's life and legacy.

[edit] Attraction Synopsis

This interactive gallery features a collection of memorabilia from the Disney archives that has never been available to the public before. Visitors are shown artifacts from Walt Disney's life and from the history of the company he founded, from his birth in 1901 through the company’s vision for the future.

Throughout the gallery, scenic pieces and props create a trip through each era of Disney’s life, beginning with a brief look at Disney’s early years, from his birth in Chicago and his formative years in Marceline, Missouri, a period that was crucial to his development as an artist and storyteller.

Among the artifacts on display:

  • a model of Main Street, U.S.A.from Disneyland
  • Walt's second-grade school desk, with his initials carved into it
  • Oscars for “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (one regular size and seven dwarf-sized) and "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"
  • Animated bird from the 1800s that inspired The Enchanted Tiki Room
  • Disneyland Castle model
  • An interactive re-creation of Project X (Walt Disney World Resort) Florida
  • Disneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty Castle model
  • Disney’s California Adventure model
  • Animatronic Display

Throughout the display, "connection cards" join the stories of Disney's creations, from boyhood dreams to reality. In one of the attraction’s most exciting features, Walt Disney himself talks about the most meaningful and emotional moments of his life through a rare collection of audio interviews, many heard publicly for the first time, which are triggered when guests approach the various sections of the gallery. There are more than 400 items in all.

At the very end, there is a video about Walt's Life, most of which is audio from the man himself, and tied together by Julie Andrews.

[edit] Updates

With D23 now sponsoring this attraction, the area that formerly housed information about the Walt Disney Company's electronic arts divisions (such as Video and Computer Games) has been replaced with a D23 display. Also, the signage in front of the attraction has received a star that happily states "Presented by D23."

The area right before the video, which formerly housed models of Disney's lesser known park project (like Tokyo Disney Sea), has been dedicated to Disney's Hollywood Studios, in honor of it's 20th Anniversary. It features a video on the creation of the park, some early Park Maps and pins, and concept art of later additions to the park, such as Muppet*Vision 3-D, The Sorcerer's Hat, and Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show. This exhibit will be there until just before the parks 21st Anniversary.

[edit] One Man's Dream II - The Magic Lives on

Tokyo Disneyland features a "sequel" to this attraction entitled One Man's Dream II - The Magic Lives On at their Magic Kingdom Park (strangely enough in Tomorrowland). This live stage show, unlike the attraction here, has little to do with Walt Disney the person, but rather his legacy and love of animation. It recreates the memorable moments of the Disney animated films and cartoons. Opening with the jump from black and white to color, the show features such scenes as Peter Pan soaring above the stage and the circus from A Bug’s Life, all bookended by Mickey Mouse segments.

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