Voyage of the Little Mermaid

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Using a unique combination of special effects, film clips, live performances and innovative puppetry, The Voyage of the Little Mermaid successfully translates the popular and acclaimed animated feature The Little Mermaid to the stage. The attraction opened January 7th, 1992 replacing Here Come the Muppets.

[edit] Show Synopsis

The nautical theme begins as you pass through a waiting room filled with undersea paraphernalia -- an old diver's suit, fishing nets, even a fake shark! As you enter the theater, your senses are tricked into believing that you've been transported to a beautiful underwater world. A curtain of water showers from the stage and you're lightly sprayed with a sea mist and gentle breeze in the murky darkness. The crusty crustacean Sebastian, along with 100 ocean friend puppets illuminated by black light, start the show with the Academy Award-winning, "Under the Sea." You soon meet Ariel, her human love Eric, and the evil sea witch, Ursula. To move the action along, scenes from the movie are interspersed between the live performances. As in the original Little Mermaid, Ariel is eventually transformed into a human and sheds her glittery green flippers, only to find she has lost her gorgeous voice. The story concludes with the thwarting of Ursula's wicked plan in a musical finale that's sure to please.

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