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The Stars of up are Retired Meet and Greet Characters that were featured at the Magic of Disney Animation. The replaced the Stars of Bolt on May 15th, 2009, and stayed in the park almost a year, May 1st, 2010, and were replaced by Lotso on May 9th of the same year.


[edit] Character Synopsis

[edit] Carl Fredricksen

From a young age, Carl dreamed of Adventuring to far off land, just like his hero Charles Muntz. One day, while heading home, he met Elli, a girl who also had a love of Adventure, and they became instant friends. Over the years, their friendship grew into love and they eventually got married, always with the dream of going to Paradise Falls in South America. Unfortunately, they were never able to do so, because Elli passed away.

Years later, Carl becomes attached to the memories he and Elli shared in their home, and refuses to leave, despite construction being all around his home, and very good offers to buy it from him. One day a member of the construction crew accidentally knock over his mail box, which he and Elli made together. When the person tries to fix it, Carl becomes angry and hits the man with his cane, causing some serious injuries. After a law suit, Carl is sentenced to be put in a retirement home but has his own plan, and attaches thousands of Balloons to his house, and flies away, on his way to Paradise Falls.

[edit] Russel

Russell is a Wilderness Explorer. He has collected almost every Explorer patch, except the "Assisting the Elderly" Patch. So he showed up at Carl Fredrickson's doorstep, hoping to help him in crossing something to "assist" him. Carl keeps refusing his assistance, and sends him looking for a "snipe" to get him to leave.

When Carl sends his house flying, he finds Russell holding on for dear life waiting for Mr. Fredrickson to let him in. He says "no," and Russell is forced to wait 5 seconds before Carl finally says, "Oh, all right!" He makes friends with an exotic bird which he names Kevin. Russel is very smart and knows everything about the wilderness, but has never actually been in the wilderness.

[edit] Dug

Dug is a dog that originally belonged to Charles Muntz, who outfitted him with a collar that allows his thought to be heard in English (depending on the collars settings, it could be in different languages, or different accents). He, as well as all of Charles many dogs, are constantly on the search for a giant bird Muntz discovered in one of his early adventures. This bird turns out to be Kevin, the bird befriended by Kevin. Once Dug discovers this he follows Russel, Carl, and Kevin asking Kevin to "please be my Prisoner" and Carl to be his new "master."

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