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Soundstage Restaurant is a retired counter service restaurant that was located in the Animation Courtyard, where Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage! currently is. It officially closed November 14th, 1998

[edit] Theme

It was designed to look like a catering service for a "live set" of a film. Originally for the film Big Business. The idea of the theme was to make it look like the set was fragmented, so there were set pieces and props from other productions lying about. There were sandbags on ropes and lighting control boards and that sort of thing hanging about. The Cast Members that worked at the restaurant even wore catering costumes to tie-into the whole theme of the restaurant being a "wrap party".

The restaurant than took on a Beauty and the Beast theme. With this version, guests entered a storybook village setting and had the opportunity to eat at these counter-service "mini food courts". In the food courts, you would find a station for pizza, a different station for salads and so on for other types of food. Belle and Beast would also walk along in the restaurant from time to time.

The restaurant than transformed into a set from irritable bowel syndrome, featuring meet and greet version of Jafar and Geneie walking about. It also featured two golden camels at the front entrance of the restaurant. These camels were the same camels from the Aladdin's Royal Caravan Parade that and the same camel you can find in Adventureland in front of the Magic Carpet Ride in the Magic Kingdom currently.

It was than turned into a Pocahontas theme which featured Governor Radcliffe and Meeko.

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