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The Power Rangers are characters from a popular TV series, originally The Mighty Morphing Power Ranger, but has since gone by Power Rangers and a sub-name, such as Power Rangers: RPM. The show is adapted from the Japanese tokusatsu Super Sentai Series, though it is not simply an English dub of the original. Rather, it is a "new" production with English-speaking actors spliced in with the original Japanese footage in varying ratios. The Power Rangers series was distributed by Saban Entertainment from 1993 until the end of 2001 and was broadcast on Fox until the fall of 2002. The franchise was purchased by the Walt Disney Company as a part of the buyout of Fox Family that took place between 2001 and 2002, but, in 2010, Disney sold the franchise back to it's original owners, SABAN, and the Power Ranger will be leaving the park on August 7th, 2010.


[edit] Studios Reference

Power Rangers from the last five seasons of the show are Meet and Greet characters on the Streets of America.

Costumes of the red and yellow Rangers from The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Movie can be found at the Planet Hollywood Store on Sunset Boulevard.

The Power Rangers joined the Disney's Stars and Motor Cars Parade in 2005, with the latest ranger in the "Morphin' Transport" and the other four walking in front of the car.

[edit] Basic TV Show Synopsis

In every season, the Rangers are a group of 5 main (Consisting of a Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, White, Green, Black, and/or White Ranger) teenagers who receive the ability to "Morph" into the Power Rangers who use ninja/kung fu skills and large robots to defend their town. There is also usually a 6th Ranger introduced later in the season (Offering an exception to the color rule).

[edit] Characters Synopsis

You can meet Power Rangers from the past four generations, and the latest season at the park.

The S.P.D. Red Ranger (Season: 13)

Real Name: Jack Landors

He was originally a criminal on the run from S.P.D., until Doggie Cruger chose him to be the Red Ranger. His genetic power was molecular phasing: the ability to pass through solid objects. At the end of the series, he retires from S.P.D. service, and Sky, the S.P.D. Blue Ranger becomes the Red Ranger. He was portrayed by Brandon Jay McLaren. He is the only ranger to be featured since they first appeared at the Studios.

The Mystic Force Pink Ranger (Season: 14)

Real Name: Vida Rocca

Vida enjoys being a DJ at the Rock-Porium. As the Pink Mystic Ranger, her elemental affinity is wind. She can transform into the Mystic Sprite, the Mystic Dragon, and the Mystic Lion. It is Vida that recognizes the potential goodness in Matoombo, who was one of the Ten Terrors. Initially hating the color pink, she soon learned to accept it, and a pink streak is often shown in her black hair, which is dyed entirely pink at the end of the series. She was also the sister of Mystic Force Blue Ranger. She was portrayed by Angie Diaz.

The Operation Overdrive Yellow Ranger (Season: 15)

Real Name: Veronica "Ronny" Robinson

A confident and sometimes overly competitive stock car racer. Her physical power is superhuman speed, which exceeds even the capacity of the eye to note. Before becoming a Ranger, Ronny was competing in an Italian race. She is portrayed by Caitlin Murphy.

The Jungle Fury Blue Ranger (Season: 16)

Real Name: Theo Martin

Smart, strong, and a good fighter. Theo is fearless and commanding. He must learn the importance of working as a team. He has an identical twin brother named Luen. He later became a Pai Zhua master by defeating Master Swoop in battle. He controls the Jaguar Spirit. He is portrayed by Aljin Abella.

The R.P.M. Green Ranger (Season 17)

Real Name: Ziggy Grover

He is kind of an all talk guy, which tends to get him in trouble. Generally wacky, clumsy, and awkward, he is often made out to be a clown and isn't easily taken seriously by others. He's energetic, simple-minded, and somewhat stupidly optimistic, which often leaves him on the receiving end of Dr. K's blunt verbal insults. He is portrayed by Milo Cawthorne.

[edit] Retired Rangers

These Rangers were at one time at the park, but, since they are from more than five seasons ago, have been retired and replaced with a new ranger.

The Time Force Pink Ranger (Season: 10)

Real Name: Jennifer "Jen" Scotts

The leader of the Future Time Force Power Rangers (Lucas, Trip and Katie), made cold-hearted because of the apparent death of her fiancée Alex (the former Red Ranger) in the year 3000. She was portrayed by Erin Cahill. Replaced by the Mystic Force Pink Ranger.

The Wild Force Lunar Wolf Ranger (Season: 11)

Real Name: Merrick Baliton

He was one of the Ancient Warriors who originally fought the Orgs over 3000 years ago. He used the power of the cursed mask of Zen-Aku to defeat Master Org in the past, and became Zen-Aku. He was sealed by the Warriors of Animarium, but released by Nayzor in the present time and fought the Rangers until being freed from the curse. His Lunar Wolf, Alligator, and Hammerhead Shark Wild Zords then gave him the ability to become a Power Ranger. Once the mask recovered and Zen-Aku appeared to look for revenge and the Power Rangers destroyed Zen-Aku. He was portrayed by Phillip Andrew. Replaced by the Operation Overdrive Yellow Ranger.

Though his costume is mostly blue, he is not to be confused as the "Blue Wild Force Ranger" who is a completely different character. This character is one of the few 6th Rangers to be featured.

The Ninja Storm Green Samurai Ranger (Season: 12)

Real Name: Cameron "Cam" Watanabe

He is the son of Kanoi Watanabe, head of the Wind Ninja Academy. He originally was behind the scenes of the Ninja Storm operations, until going back in time and retrieving his mother's heirloom that allowed him to morph. He wields power of the samurai. He was portrayed by Jason Chan. Replaced by the Jungle Fury Blue Ranger.

The Dino Thunder White Ranger (Season: 13)

Real Name: Trent Fernandez

An artist and adopted son of Anton Mercer. He accidentally found the White Dino Gem, and the evil energies in it made him a foe of the Dino Rangers until he was freed, and joined their cause. The power he got from the White Dino Gem was chameleon camouflage. In the TV Show, He was portrayed by Jeffrey Parazzo. Replaced by the RPM Green Ranger.

[edit] Other Studios Info

Power Rangers Time Force is the only season of Power Rangers to have a character in the park, but not be made by Disney. Disney took over the Power Rangers in the next season, Wild Force.

The "Morphin' Transport" is the only Stars and Motor Cars Vehicle to still be used in the park today.

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