Mulan - The Parade

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Mulan - The Parade was a parade at the park featuring character's from the Disney movie Mulan, that ran from June 1998 to March 2001. The celebration saluting the honorable heroine Mulan features 53 performers, acrobats and puppeteers in a parade that captures the elaborate detail of the film. The centerpiece of the parade is a 150-foot-long Great Stone Dragon -- a 17-performer, winding and walking representation of the Great Wall of China. Shang joins Mulan along with her proud father atop a golden, horsedrawn carriage as they receive a hero's welcome. The parade was showcased by a flower car with a big Chinese umbrella on it that Mulan would ride in.You won’t miss Mulan and friends inside this colorful vehicle. A giant Chinese umbrella dangles over this unit. Mushu and the Chinese Warriors walk side-by-side escorting the courageous victor down Hollywood Boulevard.

This parade was proceeded by Hercules' "Zero to Hero" Victory Parade and preceded by Disney's Stars and Motor Cars Parade which featured the same flower car with Mulan.

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