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Doug: Live! is a retired Stage Show, with some Audience participation elements, that was featured at the Superstar Television Theatre. The show ran from March 15, 1999 to May 12, 2001. During most of its tenure, half-hour performances ran several times a day.

[edit] Show Synopsis

The musical stage show was based upon the animated television series, Doug, which was being produced by Disney at the time, and featured several of it's characters.

The basis of the show was that Doug Funnie and his best friend Skeeter Valentine are going to a concert featuring the band, "The Beets". It also involves Doug trying to get the attention of his crush, Patti Mayonnaise and warding off his arch-nemesis, Roger Klotz, like in many episodes of the series.

Before the show, five guests from the audience, four adults and a child were selected to take part in the show. The adults played the members of The Beets, while the youngster played Quail-kid, the sidekick to Doug's superhero alter-ego, Quailman.

[edit] Preceded/Proceeded by

Superstar Television Show ? Gap/Get Happy...With ABC! 1 Year 4 Month Gap

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