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Volunteering at the Studios

There are some attractions at Disney's Hollywood Studios that allow for park guests to be a part of the Disney magic and participate as volunteers in a portion of the attraction. You can use the information below to help give you a better shot at being chosen.

Of Being Chosen
Volunteers Needed
Disney Channel Rocks! Pretty Easy A few volunters for one of the segments The cast will at one point in the show ask for volunteers to come up and dance with them.  There are many shows throughout the day so it should be easy to be chosen at some point.
Backlot Tour Pretty Easy

The parts are: Captain(1), Crew(2) & Engineer(1).

The Engineer will get very wet while the other volunteers will get somewhat wet. Rain gear is provided.

In the Backlot Tour, you'll be volunteering as a crew member in a recreation of a scene from Pearl Harbor. To be chosen, either arrive very early in line or wait for your show to be over and approach a Cast Member, asking to be a volunteer for the next show.
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Somewhat difficult

Around 7-10 volunteers are needed as extras in the re-enactment of a scene from the film.

There are two portions where the volunteers are used. The first is mostly to poke fun at the volunteers by making them do dramatic things such as pretending to be shot. The second portion uses the volunteers as extras who mostly sit in the background and do nothing.

This is a very difficult attraction to be chosen for. Once the show begins, a Cast Member will ask the audience for volunteers. The best way to be chosen is to make yourself known by jumping up and down, waving your hands and anything else that will bring alot of attention to yourself.


Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show Very Difficult The host chooses a child to "drive" remotely one of the cars in the stunt show. The host will pick a child from a very large stadium full of people. To be chosen, you should probably be aged somewhere between 8 and 13, towards the bottom of the stadium in the center and of course, showing extreme amounts of enthusiasm.
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