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Types of Streetmosphere Shows

 There's a number of different kind of streetmosphere skits that are performed by the Citizens of Hollywood and they range in scope, size and material.  Regardless of the type of show you see, each show is always different from the same show performed on another day because the Citizens of Hollywood are using new material based on the guests who they are interacting with.  Often, it's little things that make for some big laughs.

Tinseltown Talent Search

Tinseltown Talent Search


The first act of the day begins with the park opening where two Citizens of Hollywood, one director and usually one aspiring star, prepare for a movie shoot of the opening of Hollywood Studios for the day. It usually begins 15 minutes before the park is scheduled to open and features the director giving instructions to his assistant as well as the crowd.  At the time the park will open, the family chosen to be the family of the day will say their line of "Hollywood, here we come!" and then the guests will be let in as the director "films" everyone walking into the park.  While they are filming, the director will yell out things to the guests passing by such as "Yes! Keep ignoring the camera...perfect!" or "I love that shirt you picked for the shoot today".  The show usually wraps up 15 minutes after the park is open.



Solo Act

Citizen of Hollywood Jack Diamond showThis is the most common kind of act there is when it comes to Streetmosphere.  Basically one Citizen of Hollywood will go on his or her own out and interact with guests alone.  Often the subject of the skit is to simply meet guests and talk to them.  It's basically a one-on-one type of entertainment where the character tries to make jokes based on whom they are speaking to.  Often the characters with certain talents are the ones that go out, such as Bucky Greenhorn and his ukulele or Jack Diamond with his magic tricks.  Usually the premise of these meets can vary depending on the occupation of the character; Aspiring stars will often try to be discovered, Police officers will conduct patrols of the streets, Talent agents will look at guests to find a big star, and Hollywood stars will set up meet-n-greets for themselves.

Nearly every Citizen of Hollywood can do this skit and they are most often done in the morning hours, although early afternoon again affords another opportunity to catch it.



Streetmosphere duetLike a solo act, a duet is when two characters are out to meet guests without any real storyline to follow.  They are sent out to mingle with park guests much like the Solo Act, but there are two characters instead of one.  Again, the focus of a duet is to have both characters play off each other while including the park guests that happen to be watching.

Some of the more common duets are Francis Floot and Paige Turner or Tallulah Fruiti and Minerva Limpwhistle.




Movie Shoot

Citizens of Hollywood filming movieA movie shoot is a skit where a director and usually two other aspiring stars try to shoot a scene (or scenes) for a movie they are producing.  The director sets the various scenes and calls for the needs of the scene to be performed by the other Citizens of Hollywood with him as well as using park guests to be part of the action.  Park guests are often chosen at random even without volunteering to volunteer. 





Funniest Citizen in Hollywood

Perhaps the most popular of all Streetmosphere acts, the Funniest Citizen in Hollywood is where a group of characters, usually around 5 or 6, are assembled to conduct a contest to see, well, who can be the funniest of them all.  The premise usually revolves around a joke where a suggestion of an object suggested by the audience is used to be the focal point of a joke where 99 of the objects walk into a bar, are denied service by the bartended and the Citizens must come up with a funny one-liner to end the joke.  For example, 99 globes walk into a bar and the ba

The Funniest Citizen in Hollywood is usually held half way down Sunset Boulevard in the late afternoon.