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Tower of Terror Trivia

  •  The Tower of Terror is 199 feet tall because the law requires an aircraft beacon on all structures that are taller than 200 feet. At 199 feet, Disney imagineers avoided having to put a large red flashing light on top of the Tower of Terror, which they felt would have detracted from the look of the building.
  • The "fifth dimension" scene of the attraction was inspired in part by the "Little Girl Lost" episode of The Twilight Zone. In the episode, a little girl rolls under her bed and disappears into another dimension.
  • On The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, your picture is taken twice. The first time is right after the doors open for the Corridor Scene. This picture appears in the Fifth Dimension Scene in the pupil of the eyeball. (This has not worked properly for quite some time, and now a pre-selected picture is used.) The second time your picture is taken is in the drop shaft. The camera is hidden in The Hollywood Tower Hotel sign.
  • The fictional Hollywood Tower Hotel was supposedly built in 1917.
  • Five people were onboard the elevator on the night of October 31, 1939 when it crashed. A child star, bell hop, a nanny and a couple
  • When the Tower of Terror was built, it was struck by lightning, just like the movie and the ride.
  • During the preshow, the little girl in the elevator is holding a Mickey Mouse Doll.