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Time of the year to visit Walt Disney World

As with all the parks at Walt Disney World, there are times of the year that there are more people than others. The basic rule of thumb is if during any given week, there are any major religious holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc), secular holidays (July 4th, Memorial Day, etc) or time of year where many have vacation (Summer months, Spring Break, etc) you can expect above average crowds. Listed below is a ranking of times with the most crowds, from largest to smallest:

  1. Christmas/New Years(Last week of December)
  2. Easter(Easter weekend)
  3. Memorial Day/Summer Months(Last week in May until September)
  4. Thanksgiving(Thanksgiving weekend in the United States)
  5. College Spring Break(Late February to Mid April)
  6. Presidents Day(Mid February)

If you can, avoid these times so you can attian optimal touring conditions. Here are the best times to visit Walt Disney World.

  1. January(After New Years) - Early February(Just Before Presidents Week)
  2. Late November - Mid December
  3. September - Mid November
  4. Late April(After Easter) - Mid May(Before Memorial Day)

By planning your trip during non-summer, non-holiday periods, you can enjoy great touring conditions of warm temperatures, low crowds and bargain prices.

Time of Week to visit

With the current Fantasmic! schedule, crowds are largest on days when Fantasmic! is being shown because guests want to see the fireworks and will arrange their schedule to visit Hollywood Studios on a day where Fantasmic! is being shown that evening.  On days where Fantasmic! isn't being shown, crowds overall are going to be smaller and so if you want to experience the attractions with shorter waits, go on a day when Fantasmic! is not being shown.  Otherwise, try to visit Hollywood Studios on a day when Fantasmic! had been shown the day before. For example, if Fantasmic! is scheduled on Thursday and Friday, the crowds will be less on Friday so you should go then.  If all else fails, opt for a weekday to avoid the minor impact locals have on crowds.

When to Arrive

See what the crowd levels are like during the day

During off season times, arrive at the park gate 40-70 minutes before the official park opening. Usually the Cast Members open the park earlier than scheduled to allow visitors to move into the park and loosen up congestion. During summer months and holiday periods, arrive 90 minutes to 2 hours before the opening time. Larger crowds persist during these times and the park generally fills up quickly. By arriving early, you can all but guarantee quick to non-existant wait times for your first few rides. Be sure to check out our touring guides for more information.