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Studios Prop Shop

Each theme park in Walt Disney World has special venues set up for private functions to be held on an as-needed basis. In the Studios there are many but I had an opportunity recently to take a tour of the venue known as "the Prop Shop" and it became very clear as to why it was called this once I entered. Inside are an assortment of various props from a number of extinct attractions and parades, props not in use at the moment, old signs and more. It resembles what I think we all think an Iimagineer's closet would look like. So let's take a tour of the Prop Shop and see what was in there.

As you walk in, you are greeted by a random assortment of these props, assembled everywhere in the room. The actual props in the room changes on a near daily basis due to Disney needing one or more of them at any given time and depositiing others in their place. Some random props holding some other random props. You can see Roger Rabbit attached to the railing with the Fantasia brooms below.
Here we find the Simba puppet from the Festival of the Lion King attraction from the Magic Kingdom. Someone thought it would be funny to have Simba (a lion) cudding up with a teddy bear) A better shot of Roger Rabbit Here we have an old Mickey Mouse Clubhouse banner along with some classic Walt Disney photos and an ESPN the Weekend banner in the background
A backdrop from a stage play garners one particular wall Another Mickey Mouse banner along with a hyena puppet from Festival of the Lion King Moving from left to right, a Nala puppet (Festival of the Lion King), the baby dinosaur from the parade in the Studios based on the TV show "Dinosaurs" and an Oscar trophy.
A multitude of random props. My favorite is the "leg" coming out of the lawn mower. Here we find a skeleton missing the top of his skull (but in style with his Converse sneakers) and behind him, lab props including perhaps the missing brain and a larger-than-life microphone. This large prop is actually from the Tapestry of Dreams parade in Epcot and it was known as "Angel". There's also a prop from 101 Dalmations, among other items.
Here's a closeup of that 101 Dalmations prop. Two Star Wars Weekend posters that had been used in the Studios during the event. Another Tapestry of Dreams parade puppet.
Another Star Wars Weekend sign, another Tapesty of Dreams puppet and some Halloween characters. More random props, including a faux-pas weight set along with a sign for a former Streetmosphere character, "Lucky Starr: Hollywood's brightest talent agent". Some of the props that look like they belong on the Disney Cruise Line (including one enormous anchor).
Another Hyena puppet along with some Super Soap Weekend signs and a Happy New Year sign A better shot of Roger Rabbit. Another Hyena (there were 3 in the film) and signs from Mickey's Toontown Fair in the Magic Kingdom.

Pretty cool stuff, eh?  Wouldn't it be great to have plenty of time to see what's in there for yourself?  You can! Studios Central is organizing a dinner in this room to be held during Star Wars Weekends. Click here for more information on how you can be a part of the event and see what props are waiting in here the next time!