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Hollywood Boulevard Shops

Name Description Interior Photos Exterior Photo
Celebrity 5 & 10 This is Disney's version of a 5 & 10 (or dime store) in the 1950s . You will find all kinds of trinkets, clothing, candy and toys in this bustling store. And just like an early Woolworth's on sale day, there is a little bit of everything. The difference is, whether it is candy or clothing, it is all Disney and movie related, which has everything adorned with the Hollywood Studios logo. This place is a great place to get gifts.
Cover Story Ever wanted your face on Time Magazine? Or your face on a bodybuilder's body? Cover Story allows guests to do just that. You can purchase a magazine cover with your "grill" right on it.
Crossroads of the World This hut of sorts, sells souvenirs, film, sunglasses, post cards, rainwear, sundries and pins. Not a whole lot of variety and mostly for that "oops I forgot that" or "i need more of" item.
Keystone Clothiers This is the place for adults to get their clothing, accessories and jewelry. Located at the corner of Hollywood and the path that leads to Indiana Jones and Echo Lake, it will be busier than other stores as people who walk by will be likely to stop in and look. This store features clothing for adults and is the best place to find non-juvenile clothing and accessories for both men and women.
L.A. Prop Cinema Storage This mission styled building is organized much like Keystone Clothiers in that it gears itself towards a particular age group. L.A. Prop is centered around children. You can find Disney shirts, hats, sunglasses, watches, toys, costumes and souvenirs here - everything with a Disney logo.
Mickey's of Hollywood This is the "general store" for Hollywood Studios and has a wide variety of many Studios and Walt Disney World based clothing. In addition, you can find toys, games, hats, sunglasses, jackets and more.
Oscar's Classic Car Souvenirs Classic car themed memorabilia. Another small time shop, mostly to take up space, sells some nice(but expensive) addons for your car. It not only sells auto-oriented memorabilia, keychains and model cars, it is also the place to get postage stamps, a locker to use, and stroller and wheelchairs for rent is right next door.
Oscar's Super Service Go here for your stroller and wheelchair rentals.
Sid Caheunga's One-of-a-Kind This store is loosely inspired by the junk shops of California, is home to your favorite movie star's memorabilia. You'll find autographed photos of film and TV stars, movie posters, and even a tie rack that once belonged to Elvis Presley. Before you go, nothing here is cheap. The tie rack goes for $1,100.
Sorcerer Hat Shop Located inside the large Sorcerer's Hat, you can find 100 Years of Magic Celebration gifts, Magical Moments pins and other pins as well.
Sweet Success You can find the embroidery and engraving here. It used to be the only candy counter for the park before Villains in Vogue opened on Sunset. They feature chocolates, fudge and other candies. It's fairly small so if long lines persist, visit the confectionary on Sunset Boulevard.
The Darkroom Look here for Kodak cameras, film accessories, film, batteries, memory cards, disposable cameras, rental cameras, film processing and anything else that works with a camera.