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    What a great attraction! Lots of imagination in this one!

    I love TSMM  it's no wonder that HORDES of people rush to this ride first thing at rope drop each day!  The technology of the ride system is great, and the inteactive nature of the ride is hard to beat.  There's lots to see and it's plenty entertaining.  Even the Queue area is colorful and fun.  One of Disney's great imagineering feats for sure!  There can be a real thrill factor if you'e locked in a heated battle with the person sitting next to you for the best score!

    Sunday, April 24, 2011
    The Boxing Guru
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    Safety concern about Toy Story Ride

    Last month my daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter  and I visited California Adventure. Toy story was my granddaughter's favorite ride and I found it to be very enjoyable. It was great until the last few minutes  of the ride when we were waiting for our car to move out to the unloading area. My granddaughter leaned forward slightly as she  pointed at a score on screen the when the car started to move again. The jerking movement as it turned caused my daughter to hit her heard right above her eye on the "gun" column.  It stung a bit and she was ok but I'm concerned that it could've been far worse . It was forseeable  but I so feel this is something that should be addressed. 

    Wednesday, November 04, 2009