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Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Script

Casting director walks onto the set
Alison: "Hello everyone! Are you ready for some excitement and adventure?"
Crowd responds
Alison:"Well we have it all for you as we try to keep up with Indiana Jones. My name is Alison and my job here on the set is the casting director. As the casting director, I'm in charge of getting the extras cast for the film shoot. I need three volunteers that are really good screamers. The only thing is you need to be at least eighteen years or older."
She picks out the three
Alison:"Now I need you three to stand right here on this trap door for me please. When I yell action, I want you to scream as if that door just opened and you've fallen into a pit of venomous snakes!"
 The three do the scene
Alison:"All right! Give it up for our screamers. Now if you'll just go up the stairs to the lady in the green shirt, she'll take you to wardrobe.... Oh and one more thing, don't forget to sign the waiver. Now for my next set of extras I need three happy people."
She picks the three people. She asks for there names and where they're from
 Alison: "Now as most of you know, along with the action of an Indiana Jones film, there are some light hearted moments Joe, I need you to give me sort of a hearty laugh"
Joe does the laugh
Alison:"Very good. And now Karen, I need you to give me a sweet little giggle"
Karen does her laugh
Alison:"And now Ryan. I need you to give me an evil,  menacing, sinister laugh"
Dave does his laugh
Alison:"Alright! Give it up for these guys. Go ahead and head up to wardrobe for me please. Ok, this is your last chance to get into this shoot"
She picks three more people. The third is wearing a pink, tropical shirt...hard not to pick this guest
Alison:"Now sometimes, extras can be asked to stand around or hold certain poses for a period of time"
 She asks for the names and locations
Alison:"Ok, Chris (Pink shirt), your pose will be this.
She leans on one leg and puts the other in the air
Alison:"Now your turn."
Chris does the pose
Alison:"Great...now stay there. Ok now to Ed. You look like you work out a lot so I want you to stand like you're a bouncer at a club
Ed does the pose
Alison:"Great. Now Jennifer, I want you to give me a pose like a boulder is about to fall on you"
 Jennifer gives the pose
Alison:"And now John, you're the grand finale"
Alison does a ballet type dance, and John follows
Alison: "Great job you guys! Now, as I said before, extras can be asked to stand like this for hours, should we keep them like this?"
Most of the crowd yells yes
Alison:"Oh you guys are so mean! Go ahead and head up to wardrobe. Now it's your turn to get in on the action. So from the middle of the theater over to the left, give me a big Ahh"
Crowd: "Ahh"
Alison:"And from the middle section to the right, give me an Oooo"
Crowd: Oooo
Alison:"Great job. Now, in a few moments, Indiana Jones is going to appear somewhere in this temple, when he does, I want you to scream, cheer, clap, you can throw your children in the air...just catch them on the way down. But just make some noise for him when he appears. Thanks everybody and enjoy the shoot"
The Raiders March gives way to a strange temple chant, which grows louder until a loud rumble is heard and Indy falls from the ceiling and lowers himself to the ground. He unhooks himself from his rope, grabs his bag and pulls out a torch and lights it. Indy begins looking around then slowly makes his way across the possible booby traps. He stops, looks down and reads something on the floor. Indy begins to slowly step around blocks on the ground; one wrong move could spell certain death. He loses his footing at activates the spikes which shoot into the air! He rushes through them as the spikes shoot up around him, he is nearly impaled by one of the spikes. He turns and comes face to face with another spike. He looks around and makes a dash for the stairs, more spikes flying up behind him. Indy is safe for the moment. He notices a body that has been impaled upon a bed of spikes.
Indy brushes aside a few hanging roots to walk by but the ground gives way and Indy is plunged into a pit! He managed to save himself by using the roots. He pulls himself up and gains enough momentum to swing himself to the other side and comes face to face with one of three 8-foot statues with an ax above its head. He backs up quickly, not taking a chance. He throws his arm in front of it, nothing happens. Satisfied he moves between the first and second and swings his arms again. Nothing. He begins to walk by the second one but the last two drop their axes at him! He barely makes it past them and he runs up a second set of stairs. Only three feet away from him stands the idol. He slowly makes his way towards the pedestal it has stood on for thousands of years. He examines it. He pulls a bag of sand, hoping that the booby trap won't be set off if he places the bag on the pedestal after he takes the idol. After a few moments, he quickly switches the idol with the bag. Indy runs forward and holds the idol in the air. The sound of grinding stone is not a good one; the pedestal begins to sink into the ground! Fire begins to shoot up from the ground and behind Indy, unknowing to the danger that is about to happen he backs up towards it. A large stone door breaks apart behind him. He turns and through the smoke sees a large boulder racing after him. He runs from the boulder only to fall under it.
The crew runs out to the set
Jeff (Director): "..Oh no, see if he's ok! Dean! Dean?"
Dean gets up
Dean: "Yeah boss?"
Jeff: "Oh good. Hey uh, did you mean to cut it that close to the boulder?"
Dean: "Well I thought it might look better that way boss. Hardest part was keeping the hat on."
Jeff: "Well just keep it on, remember, Indiana never loses his hat. Ready to move on?"
Dean: "Sure thing."
Dan (Assistant Director): "Ok strike the temple and move on to Cairo in five minutes.
Turns to the crowd
Dan: So how is everyone today?
Crowd reacts
Dan: Well my name is Dan Black and I'm the assistant director of the second unit and we film the exciting action scenes from movies such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, and we're going to show you how they are created and performed as well as the detailed preparations that are put into some of the stunts we do. But first, uh, let me introduce you to someone. Hey boss, can I borrow Dean for a second?"
Jeff: "Sure but make sure he has enough time to set up for the next scene."
Dan: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Harrison Ford's stunt double, Mr. Dean Grimes."
Dean: "Hi everyone.        
Dan: "Hey Dean. That looked pretty dangerous up there. Can you tell everyone how you did it?"
Dean: "Well uh, I just make it up as I go."
Dan: "Well were you scared at any point?"
Dean: "You kidding? I'd have to be crazy not to be. Folks did you see the size of that boulder? That thing is incredibly heavy. In fact it takes half the crew to put it back into place.
Two crew members are pushing it back into place, the crowd laughs at his remark
Dean: I'm serious it really took half the crew."
Dan: Looking at the guys "Hey thanks guys, great job! Just put it back were you found it, thanks.
Turns back to the crowd
Dan: Uh, those are the strongest men in the world. Yeah, uh, evidently crew consists of four people."
Dean: "Yeah ok so it's not a real boulder, but it's not a cotton ball either."
Dan: "That's right everybody that is over four hundred pounds of rubber. If it hits someone, it could really do some damage."
Dean: "Right, there's a great deal of risk in all the stunts we do. If it weren't for my stunt team watching my back, I never would've done it. Well I've got to get ready for the next scene."
Dan: "All right thanks for your time."     
Dean: "Thanks and enjoy the shoot everyone."   
Dan: Now all of the stunts that you'll see today are very real. As are the risks involved in doing them. All of our cast and crew are trained professionals and they'll be showing you some incredible stunts as well as the detailed preparations that goes into making them happen.
Alison: "Hey Dan, are you ready for the extras?"     
Dan: "I certainly am. Now folks, one of those preparations in the use of extras. You remember Alison, give a round of applause to her and our extras!
The extras are dressed in clothing that people in Cairo normally wear
Dan: Look at you guys. You've got your robes, and your turbans and your...Reebok. Ok, now I want to give you guys a warm up so Im just going to give you a few directions and you just follow them ok? Alright your happy!
Dan: Your terrified!
Dan: Your confused...
Dan: Yeah...That was a stretch. Ok lean to your right
He says this as he leans to the left...which messes a few up.
Dan: Now to your right! Great. Now I need a volunteer.
He picks one of the extras
Dan: Hey, what's your name?
Extra: John
Dan: Ok, John I’m going to give you your very own scene, are you excited?
John: Yeah
Dan: Are you pumped!
John: YEAH!
Dan: Ok, its called John's...Death...Scene...Ok so its not a reoccurring role. Now when I yell action I want you to walk towards me like your going to attack me and Im going to shoot you ok. When that happens I want you to give me a slow, agonizing, academy award winning death. But just remember, you see that *points to the ground* that's concrete. Its very expensive to replace. Ok, places, and action!
John walks towards Dan and Dan shoots him. John "dies" slowly
Dan: And Cut! Great job, ok go and rejoin the others. You know you've got a future in the movies....yeah...selling popcorn. Now before Alison takes you over to the market place, I want to introduce you to your co-stars. Here is Karen Allen's stunt double Kirsten Reed."
Kirsten: "Hello everyone how are you?"
Dan: And you all remember Harrison Ford's double Dean Grimes!
Dean: Hi again"       
Dan: Now as all of you know Indiana and Marion are partners in the film. And they'll be joining you in the market place behind you. Now obviously since that means you all will be shopping, trading, talking, the usual just before the bad guys sneak up on Indy and Marion so give me a big Ooo.
Reactions from the extras and the crowd
Dan: I meant them...alright
Turns to the ride side of the theater. The crowd gives an Ooo
Dan: Good. He turns to the left side. The crowd gives and Ahh. Whatever. Ok, everyone give me a thumbs up so I know your ready.
Everyone is giving a thumbs up but Chris who is looking at the set behind him
Dan: Everyone give a thumbs up...thumbs up
Chris turns and notices what's going on, and gives a thumbs up
Dan: HEY! Welcome to the party Sparky, were you on your union break? Oh, I see the problem, you couldn't hear me over that shirt. Alright Alison, go ahead and take these guys to their spots. Im going to check with the boss to see if we're ready to go."
Dan: Ladies and Gentlemen this is the set director and stunt Coordinator of the second unit, Mr Jeff Worthington 
Jeff: Hello everyone. Glad you could join us this afternoon and we have a lot more exciting stunts work for you.
Dan: Hey boss, you said you wanted to take a look at the extras?
Jeff: Yeah I'll be right there Dan. I've got some camra work to go over first. Adam what do you have for me in this next scene? 
Adam: Ok we're going to shoot wide with both camera A and B. Well take you in with camera B and dolly across the mat to get the action there. The change will be with camera A, the crane camera. We're going to keep it on the roof and shoot at 36 frames per second, instead of the normal 24, that way we can catch the knife fight and the high fall in slow motion.
Jeff:  Excellent. I like the coverage and the option for the slow motion effect. One more thing if I may, once we get camera B into position 2 and the truck goes by if we can dolly along with that action and finish 25 or 30 feet out with the shot on the truck I think it'll save us a pick up shot. Can you set that up for me?
Adam: Sure thing  
Jeff: Thanks a lot. Ladies and Gentlemen our director of photography Mr Adam Borowits. Tony is the truck ready to go?
Tony: Sure thing boss.
Jeff:  Its going hot as soon as we put Marion in the back.
Tony: It'll be ready    
Jeff: Kristen, you heard that right? No more rehearsal, this is the real thing, the truck is going hot once they throw you in the back. We've got handles in the back, just hold on tight and we'll get you out as soon as possible.
Kirsten: Got ya boss.   
Dean is warming up with the whip
Jeff: Sounds pretty good Dean. Did you get a chance to go over the whole routine?
Dean: You bet boss  
Jeff: Feel good for you?   
Dean: Sure did let's put it in   
Jeff: Excellent. Stick around for just a second. Ladies and Gentlemen as you know the bullwhip is one of the trademarks for Indiana Jones and in the right hands a bullwhip can be a lethal weapon. I'm sure Dean can back me up on this but if you don't know what your doing, you can beat yourself half to death with one of these things.
Dean: Yeah, I've got the scar to prove it
Jeff: Looking over at Dean I've got one myself...
Dean: Hey, I said I was sorry.
Jeff: Ok, extras. Wow, you guys look great. Now you do understand that it will be up to you to bring this market place to life right? *Extras cheer* Great. Alison, your going to be staying with them correct?
Alison: Through the whole scene boss.
Jeff: Thank you. Ok Adam let's try to get this in one if we can. Ok, places everyone. Stunt team ready, extras ready, cameras ready? Great, quite on the set please. Roll cameras.
Adam: Rolling, Speed.  
Girl: Common sticks apple scene 124 the Cairo Encounter take one, mark.
Jeff: Playback action. And action!
The scene begins with the people of Cairo shopping, talking and such. A German military truck pulls around and stops nearby. The driver, dressed in a black suit jumps out and begins pushing his way through the crowd. A group of street performers (Who are really Nazis) also makes their way through the crowd and begin their routine. After a few stunts, they begin to push Indy and Marion into the middle of them. They surround the two then begin to throw swords to each other.
Indy: "Marion, I've got a bad feeling about this..."
They begin attacking Indy and Marion. Indy pulls out his whip and begins to fight back, grabbing the swords with the whip. Marion fights back against them, only to be grabbed by one of them, she jumps up and pushes one of them away, which causes her to be dropped, then stomps on the driver's foot. Indy turns to hand-to-hand combat against the attackers. Indy finally gets a break then runs to help Marion, he runs up behind her, she swings at him,  
Indy: "Not me!" He sees one of the Nazis running up behind her  "Marion, duck!
The two run for a scaffolding and jump onto a pulley system. All of the Nazis run after them. Indy grabs the stopper in the system then hit one of them with it. They begin going up to the second level. The Nazis climb up as well, trapping Indy and Marion. Marion kicks one of them while Indy punches one of them then throws him into the wall, which causes him to fall through a ceiling below. Indy and Marion climb to the third level as well as the Nazis. Indy and Marion realize their mistake, there's no where to go. Indy has to fight one of the Nazis off again. Marion sees a rope that they can use to swing over the next roof. They swing across only to be met by more Nazis! Indy sees a pole that they can use to get to the next roof.
Indy: "Grab that pole!"
Indy kicks one of the Nazis.
Marion: "And do what?"
Indy: *Running forward* PUSH!
They fall forward, Marion lands on her feet but Indy flips over and lands on his back. Indy points to a Nazi that's coming up behind Marion. Marion punches him, causing him to flip over. Indy helps her down. Marion starts climbing a ladder.
Indy: "Now where are you going!"
Marion: "I don't know!"
One of the Nazis chases  Indy and Marion up the ladder. Indy reaches the top and sees him climbing up.
Indy:"Going down!"
Indy pushes the ladder away from the building, leaving the Nazi stranded on the ladder.
Indy:"That got him"
Another Nazi grabs the ladder and pushes it back in place on the side of the building.
Indy:"Oh great, he's coming back"
Marion grabs a pan and gets ready to hit the Nazi but hits Indy first, then the Nazi. He falls backward again and falls off the ladder to the ground. Indy and Marion realize that they are trapped now. Two Nazis jump up from the back of the building. Indy and Marion both hit them. They walk forward but see that they are trapped. Marion figures out what Indy is about to do.
Marion: "Indy, NO!"
Indy: "Marion! JUMP!" They jump from the top of the building (About a 30 ft drop) and land in a store room. They run out from the room and back out onto the street.
(Alternate scene, starting when the two are on the roof before the jump)
Indy and Marion encounter two Nazis that climb up behind them. Indy begins to fight them. Indy is pushed back, bumping into Marion and sends her sliding down a rope. Indy continues to fight them, punches one and sends him over the edge of the building. Indy runs forward and stops at the edge of the building. Marion screams at him to jump. Indy jumps off the edge just as one of the Nazis tries to get a hold of him. He punches the Nazi who he knocked off the building through a rack of cloths then runs out from behind the cloths. A giant swordsman jumps up from a pile of rugs ahead of them. Indy grabs his whip from the ground and cracks it at the swordsman. Marion becomes scared and walks backwards, not realizing two Nazis that are sneaking up behind her. They grab her and throw Marion into the truck and the truck speeds off. Indy sees this, drops the whip, pulls out his gun then shoots the swordsman. Indy runs after the truck but is shot at from a gunner on a rooftop. He shoots back but misses, he shoots again and hits the gunner. The gunner falls off the building, Indy grabs the machine gun the gunner was using then runs in the direction of the truck. The truck comes around a corner behind him. Indy turns around and fires at the truck, it flips over and explodes.
Jeff: Cut! Get that fire out now!
Crew runs to the truck with fire extinguishers and begins to put out the flames.
Jeff: Is she all right? Kirsten!  
Kirsten jumps out of the truck
Jeff: Thank goodness. You had us worried for a second. Folks as you can see, working with explosives can be one of the more dangerous stunts that a stunt person has to deal with and with a stunt like that, you certainly don't have the benefit of hindsight, you have got to get it right the first time. Hey Tony can you come over here for a second? Ladies and Gentlemen I'd like to introduce you to the man responsible for all the fire effects, bullet hits and explosions that you'll see on our set, our demolitions supervisor Mr Tony McFar.
Tony: Hello everyone.
Jeff: Tony can you take just a few seconds to explain to the audience the dangers of working with explosives.  
Tony: Ok. Uh folks when you work with explosives...its dangerous...thank you.
Jeff: Kids. Stay in school. Well obviously working with explosives is dangerous but you might be surprised to find out that more stunt men and women are injured doing simple fights rather than a scene with explosives like the one you just saw. Now the reason for that is, when you go to throw a punch, you have to use the same intensity and force as if you were actually trying to hit someone and still miss by a couple of inches and believe me, that takes a lot of timing, practice and coordination. Each move has to be carefully choreographed and then committed to memory just like a line of dialog. While we have a few minutes as we switch sets for the next scene why don't I show you exactly what I mean. Um Alison, can I borrow one of your extras for a quick demonstration?  
Alison picks Chris
Jeff: Wow, they can certain see you from the top row. Hey Dan, get me someone who can throw a punch.  
Dan: A punch? Ok. Hey Todd, boss needs to you punch somebody.
Todd: Plays the mechanic so he is really built in his upper body Ok...
Chris has his back to Todd, so he doesn't see him coming
Jeff: Now don't worry Chris your not gonna get hit or anything its just a demonstration.
Todd: Hey, come here!   
Chris tries to run
Jeff: Hey whoa wait Todd. This is a guest, he's not one of our stunt men.
Chris does some type of karate style move. Todd and Jeff look at him
Jeff: Easy grasshopper. Todd, go get ready for the next scene. I'll get someone else. Oh, Kirsten, can you come here for a second?
Kirsten:: Sure.  
Jeff: I'd like to do a fight demonstration with Chris here. Just go over the basic punches and kicks with him. 
Kirsten: Ok. Well come right over here and stand right here. Now, in a fight routine, taking a punch is just as important as throwing one.   
Kirsten punches Chris in the face, knocking him to the ground
Kirsten: Oh, Im so sorry. Well you see what I mean by you can get hurt if you don't have the right timing   
She punches him again, knocking him back
Kirsten: Listen sir, you've got to..
Chris: I don't want to do this anymore...
Kirsten: No, no your doing fine. You see, it takes guts...
Chris covers his face, but gets hit in the stomach
Kirsten: Coordination...
She punches him in the head
Kirsten: and a real level head
She kicks him in the head. Chris flips over and lands on his face
Jeff: Kirsten what are you doing!!
Kirsten: I was just doing what you asked me to do.
Jeff:  I said demonstrate! Not kill him!  
Kirsten: I'm sorry! Obviously something like this takes a lot of rehearsal.
Jeff: Or a lot of extras.
Kirsten: Great idea!
Jeff: No! No, just help him up ok.
Kirsten: Pulling him up by the collar Hey sir.
He drops to the ground, she pulls him up again
Kirsten: Excuse me sir
He drops to the ground again
Kirsten: Sir.
He pushes himself up then drops again
Jeff: Ladies and Gentlemen one of our stunt men Mr Chris Lanam! Ok Alison, release those extras. Give it up one more time for Alison, Chris and those talented, talented extras. Great job you guys. Now in this next scene, Indy and Marion are try escape from a Nazi camp in the north African desert. It's here where Indy comes face to face with an iron fisted mechanic played by our stunt actor Mr Todd Watson.
Todd: How's everyone doing today.
Jeff: Listen Todd, can you take a moment to explain the difference between a stunt man and a stunt actor?
Todd: Ok. Folks see as a stunt actor, I play my part throughout the entire scene, meaning I don't have anyone doubling for me, which is obviously different from a stunt double.
Dean: Right, now as a stunt double, I have to make you believe that I'm Harrison Ford.
Kirsten: And that I'm Karen Allen.      
Dean: Now some of the stars, like Harrison Ford do a lot of their own work. But sometimes, the risk of injury is just too great. If a star were to get injured it could shut down the entire picture for months, or even permanently. If Harrison and I do our jobs right, not even our best friends can tell us apart.  
Jeff:  Hey guys I have a couple of notes over here.
The three are walking over to Jeff
Todd: You know Dean there is one difference between you and Harrison Ford. 
Dean: What's that?  
Todd: About 20 million bucks
Jeff:  The changes are mostly for you Kirsten. When the gunner on the hill shoots at Indy, I want you to panic, hit the controls and start moving in circles, all of that is like we rehearsed it. I did make a late change though because I want to get to the action a little quicker, so when you make the first pass I want you to fire at the gunner. All right you three remember there's going to be a lot of firepower, stay sharp, hit your marks. I don't want to see any injuries out there. Todd be careful on that last punch, it was a little rough in rehearsal. Adam, call places please.
Adam: Places everyone, the call is places.
Jeff: Well folks, this scene is, well it's a combination of all the effects your seen today. To be honest, what you're about to see out here wouldn't be possible without the efforts of both the cast and crew working together as a team, to get the shot, and create what we like to call a little movie magic. Ok, let's make it happen. Everyone is ready. Quite on the set please. Roll cameras 
Adam: Cameras rolling. Speed. 
Girl: Common sticks apple scene 3 the desert fight, take one mark.
Jeff: Playback. And action!
Indy and Marion duck behind a set of gasoline barrels as they make a plan for a escape. Mechanics are running back and forth, dropping off ammo cans at the ammo dump and storage, others are rolling gasoline barrels to storage. A gunner sits atop a hill nearby, ready to shoot at any intruder. A motorcycle speeds into the area and stops waiting for someone or something. There is a large roaring sound, like the sound of something landing. From behind the hill a German Flying Wing rolls around with the head mechanic guiding it in. They finally come to a stop. A mechanic sets up wheel stoppers as the pilot steps out of the cockpit. He walks over and mouths off to the head mechanic then storms off to the motorcycle. It pulls away. The mechanic turns and walks over to inspect the ammo dump. Indy and Marion break for the plane. He puts her on the plane then goes to pull the stoppers.
Indy:"Marion! Don't touch anything!"
The gunner notices the two and get the mechanics attention who then runs over to Indy. Marion desperately tries to get Indy's attention. The mechanic grabs Indy and orders Marion off the plane. She doesn't understand German so she doesn't move. The mechanic signals that he wants to fight Indy. Indy hands him the stoppers then punches him a few times, but it doesn't phase him at all. Indy runs but the gunner fires at him. Marion gets scared and jumps into the cockpit, but the door shuts and locks! The mechanic calls off the shooting and begins punching Indy and Indy is knocked down. Marion accidently hits the controls and the plane begins spinning out of control. One of the plane's wing clips a gasoline tanker, causing the gasoline to begin spilling onto the ground. Marion takes the machine gun mounted in the plane and fires at the gunner on the hill, killing him and igniting the ammo/gasoline storage area. Indy get away from the mechanic and runs to the plane, jumps onto it and tries to get Marion out of the plane.
Indy: "Marion! I told you..."
The mechanic grabs him, punches him then throws him into one of the wing. Indy hits his head and falls off the plane. A truck with a mounted machine gun and a group of soldiers with rifles pulls around and begin shooting at the plane. Marion takes the gun again and fires back as the plane circles around again. The engine of the truck is hit and explodes. She also hits a few of the soilders, killing them. Indy is once again thrown into the wing and falls to the ground. The mechanic picks him up then pushes him towards one of the propellers. Indy drops to the ground, gets up and runs around the plane, only to be hit again by the mechanic. Indy fights back but he still doesn't phase the mechanic that much. The mechanic punches Indy, causing him to fall to the ground. The mechanic taunts Indy but doesn't realize that the plane is circling around again. The mechanic is unaware of the propeller. The propeller hits the mechanic, killing him. Indy gets up and scrambles up to the cockpit.   
Indy: "Pull that lever!"
 Marion does, which brings the plane to a halt. Indy tries to open the door but it won't budge. Another explosion rocks the area. Fire erupts from the storage area.  The gasoline from gasoline truck and the storage area ignites on fire from the explosion and begins to race towards the tanker, and the plane is right in front of the tanker! Indy and Marion both realize what is about to happen.
Indy: "Marion get back!"
He pulls out his gun and shoots the lock. He pulls her out off the cockpit and they jump off the plane. They run from the plane, jumping over the flames as it continues to race towards the tanker. The fire hits the tanker, causing the tanker to explode, the fire reaches causes the plane and the storage to explode just as Indy and Marion get away from the area.
- EXIT -

Jeff: "And cut! Great job everyone. Ladies and Gentlemen the cast and crew of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! Enjoy the rest of your day here at the Disney MGM Studios!"