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Hollywood Studios Secrets and Trivia

Along with the attractions most people look forward to doing, there are a number of more subdued attractions that many people don't realize are there. These small things are what distinguishes Disney World from other theme parks. Listed below are these hidden secrets. If we missed one you know of, feel free to email me at quickgold@studioscentral.com

In the early 1900's Sid Cahuenga and his wife Rosie lived in Chicago. Sid was a big fan of the movies, so they decided to move out to L.A. and bought land there before Hollywood was Hollywood. They built there home and pretty soon Hollywood became a real movie hot spot. Buildings were going up everywhere and realtors were desparately trying to buy out Sid's property, which was very valuable. Sid of course refused and so new buildings, studios, and ships sprung up all around his house. Well, Sid got an idea: he went around L.A. to all of the studio lot's and bought anything that had been used in the movies. He then sold these famous items to tourists and collectors in L.A. right out of his home. And so that's why Sid's is in Disney-MGM Studios today, as a tribute to Sid's efforts and successes.
Mickey's of Hollywood is a spoof of Fredericks of Hollywood - the famous lingerie store. The merchandise at Mickey's is a bit different though.
There is a sign for "Office space for rent" which refers to when the Disney Brothers were first starting out, Walt and Roy were producing from their uncles garage. One day they were walking in Hollywood when they saw an office for rent sign over a real estate agency. They checked on the office space and it ended up being the very first official Disney Bros. Studios. And this sign over a real estate door in the Disney-MGM Studios is to commemorate this.
Just by the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, there are some crates hidden in the bushes, which are marked 'don't open' - go ahead & open them!
In front of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, there is a well with a rope in it that says "Do not pull!"pull the rope for a surprise. [Picture]
Go into Muppet Vision 3D, at the entrance turnstiles on the right is a ticket window with a notice that says - "Closed - Key under Mat". Look under the mat and you will find the key!
Find the dog nose which is near to the garden hose in the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids playground, put your hand into the dog's nostrils!
The 'Singin' in the rain' umbrella - near to the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show is an umbrella, hold onto the handle & step onto the black square.
The Carthay Circle Theatre store is a scale replica of the Carthay Circle in L.A. The Carthay is where Disney premeired Snow White in 1938, the first ever full length animated feature, and the movie that put Disney on the map.
Take time to look at the handprints in front of the Great Movie Ride, and compare your hand size to that of a few famous stars!
There's a neat photo op available as you exit Star Tours. Go right across the walkway and you'll see the STARCRUISER backdrop! There are several photo backdrops available for pictures at the Studios.
In the area just next to the AFI shop at the Backlot Tour there is an area nearby which was stacked with wooden crates and, since nothing really is what it seems to be around here Various crates can be opened to reveal surprises!
The streetmosphere performers on Hollywood Blvd perform very entertaining comedy acts for your viewing pleasure.The acts run throughout most of the day. Since most of the routines they perform involve some audience participation, and are loosely scripted or completely unscripted, you are guaranteed a unique show.
The Muppetvision attraction's pre-show area has a LOT of visual humor, and there are "inside jokes" as well.... For example, on the left side of the pre-show area, look above you. You'll see a net full of what looks like jello.....the pun is of course... Annette Funicello! A net full of jello, anyone?
Crossroads of the World is a replica of the original Crossroads of the World in Los Angeles, California, except for one minor difference - this one has Mickey Mouse on top! And he's actually a lightning rod.
On the ride portion of the Tower of Terror, the little girl is holding a Mickey mouse doll.
On The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, your picture is taken twice. The first time is right after the doors open for the Corridor Scene. This picture appears in the Fifth Dimension Scene in the pupil of the eyeball. (This has not worked properly for quite some time, and now a pre-selected picture is used.) The second time your picture is taken is in the drop shaft. The camera is hidden in The Hollywood Tower Hotel sign.
Right when you enter Sector 2 of Star Tours, if you look to the left, you'll see a long shaft, but in reality it really is connected to a mirror to make it seem longer.
Gertie the Dinosaur, which is in the middle of Echo Lake, is a very important character to the success of Disney. Gertie used to be in a cartoon series in which he would talk to an actor named Winsor McCay. In one episode Gertie shed a tear. And it was at this moment that Walt Disney realized that a person could feel for an animated character. This led to his many cartoon successes and is why Gertie now sits in the middle of Echo Lake.
Thanks to Nate, a former Guest Relations worker, for this Studio Secret:
This one is fairly well known (at least by people that visit often) , but one secret of Disney MGM Studios has to do with Hidden Mickeys, which are everywhere, except that when you look at the "aerial" shot of the park - it is one big Hidden Mickey. You can see it if you look carefully at the park map. Unfortunately this one has been "destroyed" since the Sunset Boulevard expansion and the addition of the Sorcerer's Hat have ruined this Hidden Mickey.
Thanks to Bill, for this Studio Secret: In the Star Tours Queue area, a robot pages someone named Egroeg Sacul. That’s George Lucas spelled backwards. ;)
The initials of the mythical radio station "WJBO," heard during the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights, stand for the original display creator, William Jennings Bryan Osborne.