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FASTPASS Information

FASTPASS is Disney's version of an express queue line. Introduced in 1999, FASTPASS allows guests to experience certain attractions with little or no wait by using a computer controlled queue system.

How does FASTPASS work?
In front of attractions that support FASTPASS are automated machines. You simply take your Walt Disney World admission pass and feed it into the machine. The machine in return, issues you one FASTPASS for that attraction with certian times listed on it. You may experience the attraction only on the times listed on the FASTPASS in order to use it. Usually there is a 1 hour time frame given on the ticket.

When your time is up, return to the attraction and present your FASTPASS to the attendent who is monitoring the line. EVERYONE in your party needs a FASTPASS in order to get in the FASTPASS line. Once your in the line, you will quickly move to the front and present your FASTPASS to the Cast Member who will take it and send you on your way.

Also listed on the ticket is the time they can recieve a new FASTPASS. The time window in which you have to wait for another FASTPASS ticket may be as quick as 45 minutes after being issued your first ticket.

You can only use tickets used to enter the park to get a FASTPASS.

Cast Member "Override" FASTPASS
Tower of Terror FASTPASS
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire - Play It! FASTPASS

Can I "child swap" with FASTPASS?
Each person and your child is REQUIRED to have a FASTPASS ticket! The only exception is if your child was admitted to the park without admission(only children under the age of 3 are applicable). More information

Can I FASTPASS other attractions in the meantime?
Disney has reworked the FASTPASS system to allow for guests to better utilize the FASTPASS system. Once you recieve a FASTPASS for a ride, you are entered into the main computer. Based on how many FASTPASS tickets are being given out around the park and attendence, the FASTPASS system now may let you get a second FASTPASS on another ride from as early as 45 minutes after being issued the first pass. So if you get a FASTPASS at noon for Tower of Terror, depending on how busy the Studios are, you may be able to get another FASTPASS by 12:45. It will be printed on your ticket when the next time to get a FASTPASS is.

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What if I can't get the FASTPASS machine to work?
Usually there is a Disney Cast Member there to assist guests. If all else fails, try another machine.

How many times is FASTPASS good for?
Your FASTPASS is good for 1 ride per ticket.

What attractions use FASTPASS?
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, Star Tours, Tower of Terror, Voyage of The Little Mermaid
, Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show and Toy Story Mania!.

Please note that Indiana Jones Epic Stunt SpectacularLights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show have suspended regular use of FASTPASS for the immediate future and have no plans to reinstate it anytime soon.

I thought MuppetVison 3*D used FASTPASS?

As of December 2002, MuppetVision 3*D has been removed as a FASTPASS attraction as its lines have been consistantly small such that the FASTPASS system is not needed anymore. (Thanks to Studios Central Reader Joseph Kastner for the news)

Is FASTPASS available during Extra Magic Hours?
FASTPASS is available during Morning Extra Magic Hours but as of August 2009, FASTPASS is no longer available for any show or attraction during Evening Extra Magic Hours at Disney's Hollywood Studios. 

Can I exchange/cancel my FASTPASS?
No, once you have it, its yours and cannot be exchanged or cancelled.

Should I always get a FASTPASS?
It's important to look at the return time for FASTPASS. If the time window is too far in the future to plan or if your schedule prohibits returning at that time, don't get a FASTPASS. By getting a FASTPASS for one attraction, you're locked out of getting a new FASTPASS for at least 45 minutes which may be more useful to get a FASTPASS to another attraction that fits into your schedule better.

Also, if the standbyline is manageable, you might be better off waiting in that line. Waits shorter than 20 minutes rarely require FASTPASS.