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The Magic Kingdom Opening Ceremony

Friday, April 30, 2010

BEEP..BEEP..BEEP! RING..RING..RING!  Those are the sounds of your alarm clock and phone as part of your wake-up call.  You reach over and hit the snooze button on your alarm clock and answer your phone to hear Mickey Mouse tell you “Good Morning!”  At this point you have a choice to make; roll over and go back to sleep or answer the call, get out of bed, wake-up your family and start your day.  If you’re several days into your Disney World vacation you may find it difficult to roll out of bed.  For those parents who decide to get up and motivate the rest of their family to do the same there’s something special you can experience at the Magic Kingdom.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get up and go! 

After you’ve raced through your hotel room preparing yourselves for your day and enjoyed breakfast make sure you are at the gates of the Magic Kingdom 15 minutes prior to park opening (30 minutes earlier on busier days).  About 10 minutes before the park is scheduled to open you will be treated to a show which kicks off your day at the Magic Kingdom and officially opens the park.  On some days Cast Members will have activities for the children to keep them busy as you wait for the show and park opening.  The show takes place along the top of the train station, so anywhere near the entrance provides an excellent viewing location.


The show begins as a Main St. citizen appears at the train station welcoming guests to the most magical place on earth.  After his skit the Main St. Singers appear and appropriately sing a lively rendition of “Good Morning” the popular song from the 1952 movie “Singin’ in the Rain.”  After they’ve completed their number we begin to hear a train whistle.  A steam train pulls into the Magic Kingdom train station carrying Mickey & Minnie Mouse along with several of their character friends energetically waving to the crowd below with the song “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” playing in the background.  Also, onboard is one lucky family who was picked among the crowd prior to the show.  This special family was selected to be the Magic Kingdom “family of the day.”  The family is introduced and suddenly a backward countdown begins from 10..9..8..7 all the way to 0. The “family of the day” throws pixie dust in the air and streamers are thrusted into the crowd by cannons from atop the train station.  The Magic Kingdom is officially open welcoming guests from all around the world to have a magical day. 

This is a great way to start your day at the Magic Kingdom.  Your children will get to see several of the Disney characters at the very beginning of the day.  In addition, the show provides excitement and anticipation of the day ahead. 

I’ve always believed it’s a good idea to get to any of the Disney theme parks as early as possible.  As guests enter the park your family will have an opportunity to experience some of the best Disney attractions with little to no wait in line.  Since most families are still getting ready for the day back at their resort hotel you’ve helped open the Magic Kingdom and now can enjoy Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, or even Frontierland attractions with minimal wait times. 

Additionally, since you will have already spent your morning and early afternoon in the park you may feel the urge to head back to your resort hotel for a refreshing swim or relaxing afternoon nap.  As you exit the park you will probably notice a very large crowd making their way into the park.  You will have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve avoided the largest crowds of the day. 

Later in the afternoon or early evening after you’ve rested at your resort hotel, you may choose to visit a different park for dinner, attractions, or even an evening parade and fireworks show.  Whatever you choose your family will have pulled-off and excellent and very relaxing touring strategy.   

So, don’t let this opportunity slip by.  When your wake-up call sounds make sure to roll out of bed, gather-up your family, eat breakfast, and head over to the Magic Kingdom for the opening and start of a magical day.  You won’t regret it. 

Next Up:  What’s more fun than experiencing your Disney World vacation?  The anticipation builds…. 

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