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Disney World Cheerleader Invasion: Living the Dream

Friday, March 15, 2013

Recently, thousands of cheerleaders young and old descended on Walt Disney World.  If you were around the parks last weekend (3/8 – 3/11) you certainly saw them roaming around in their uniforms, make-up, and hair bows.  If you weren’t in the parks you’ve probably seen them before as they frolic their way down Main St. USA or up Hollywood Blvd poking fun at each other.  But, keep in mind these cheerleaders are children, tweens, and teens who are there performing in a competition.  Not only are they doing what they enjoy outside of school they are at one of the coolest vacation destinations on the planet.  It’s a double-shot of adrenaline for kids who are already full of energy and excitement when they arrived. 

About 3 or 4 weekends every year (usually in the winter & spring months) cheerleading competitions occur at Walt Disney World.  Most of the events take place at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex and sometimes can carry-over into Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Most guests who are not affiliated with the cheer competitions wonder why so many cheerleaders are roaming the parks during the day and at night.   Eventually the word gets out about the competition and guests are left to wonder why these kids are allowed out of school to compete at Disney World.  But, consider for a second what these kids are feeling.  It’s probably their biggest cheer competition of the year in a place with a ton of stuff for them to do all around them.  Not only that it’s 70 plus degrees outside and the sun is shining brightly.  Add to the mix many of these kids are with their very close friends and teammates.  So, it’s understandable why these cheerleaders are yelling and screaming their way through the theme parks.  It’s simply a very exciting time for them.  It’s been something they’ve been waiting for all cheer season long. 

This is not to say cheerleaders at Disney World should be given a free pass to do whatever they want.  Theme park etiquette still applies.  They shouldn’t be causing such a commotion or impolite to disturb everyone else’s vacation.  However, you do have to understand the excitement and enthusiasm these cheerleaders are experiencing.  When you add up all of these positive factors while they are in the theme parks it’s understandable why they are so excited and showing their exuberance. 

The next time you are at Walt Disney World with the cheerleaders keep in mind what they are feeling and experiencing.  It may seem they are acting and screaming above everyone else, but there’s a reason for it.  They have a little something extra to get excited about.  That’s not to say they should be obnoxious.  If they are then you should say something, especially if they are directly disrupting your vacation.  Try to put yourselves in their shoes.  When you were a child and if you found yourself in Disney World with your favorite extracurricular activity as an event wouldn’t you have been overly excited too?  I know I probably would have been.  I should admit, I have a daughter who’s in cheer.  She’s been to Disney World for competitive cheer events.  After speaking with her about these competitions she told me exactly why she gets so excited.  It’s all of her favorite things rolled up into one……Cheer, friends, and Disney World.  It’s the perfect recipe for a weekend event. 

It's "Two Thumbs Up!" all the way around.....

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