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Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure

Friday, July 20, 2012

We recently waved a fond goodbye to Kim.  You know, that female superhero who could solve any caper and save the world if needed.  Kim Possible was recently pushed aside to make room for Agent P or Perry the Platypus from the Disney Channel hit show Phineas and Ferb.  What was once Kim Possible’s World Showcase Adventure has now turned into Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure with all new capers and some new props and scenes throughout the countries in EPCOT. 

Our family was able to try out the new Agent P World Showcase adventure during a soft opening test phase this past June.  The premise of the game and adventure is very similar to the recently retired Kim Possible Adventure.  You are given a cellular device with a video screen and enhanced speaker so you can hear the instructions over the crowd in World Showcase.  The phone service is provided by Verizon Wireless who sponsors the adventure. 

At the time we checked-in at the only Agent P kiosk in World Showcase the only adventure available was in the United Kingdom pavilion.  That is where our adventure would take place.  Once we were given our cellular device we were instructed to walk away from the kiosk and wait for important information from Perry.  He would tell us what had happened and how we should proceed.  Similar to Kim Possible we strolled through the United Kingdom pavilion looking for different shops and props that would provide us information to our next clue. 

What we enjoyed most about the Agent P Adventure was it seemed more interactive than the Kim Possible Adventure.  For instance, at times we needed to walk into one of the gift shops and speak with the Cast Member on duty who would give us a prop or a clue to use at the next station.  Using these props and clues also added a different element to the adventure we weren’t expecting.  As you may remember, most of the Kim Possible Adventure was video or element based where you watched the clues unfold in front of you.  With Agent P you play a role in interacting with the clues and props.  

Our particular adventure dealt with a golf tournament.  I won’t go into a lot of detail about the adventure, but as you’d expect the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz was up to his no good antics again.  As we continued through the UK pavilion we made several stops to pick up more clues.  It seemed like we made more stops in the Agent P UK Adventure than the Kim Possible UK adventure.  Once we completed our adventure we dropped our cellular device in the designated drop box near the last clue.  It just so happened there was a Disney Cast Member at the drop point who wanted our opinion about the new Agent P Adventure.  After taking the short survey we were on our way to enjoy our day in EPCOT. 

The new Agent P World Showcase Adventure seems to have a lot of similarities to the recently retired Kim Possible Adventure.  Some of the main differences were the number of clues and stops, the interaction with Cast Members, and the number of props you used along the way.  The premise of the adventure is still the same; solve clues which help you solve a mystery.  Instead of Kim Possible and her team assisting you it’s now Agent P and his cast of characters who help you along the adventure. 

If you are in EPCOT’s World Showcase and your children are looking for something to occupy their time this is still a great way for them to enjoy the pavilions.  It can be a nice family activity, or parents can choose to look through the shops and other venues while their children are trying to save the world.  Just keep in mind the Agent P Adventure does keep you moving.  As a parent you may not be stationary for long.  Of course, this is Walt Disney World and who is ever really stationary for long.  Don’t forget to pack those comfy walking shoes. 

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