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Muppetvision 3D Store

The past two weeks we've featured the gags found throughout the Muppetvision 3D attraction and today we're going to wrap up our Muppets themed coverage with a look at the Stage One Company Store, better known as "The Muppets store".  Located in front of you as you exit Muppetvision 3D, this building is filled with great puns, jokes and visual gags.

This series of signs carries a joke throughout the entire sequence and it's hard not to laugh when reading them in order.

This can probably be construed as an inside joke among those in the entertainment industry but it's still funny for anyone reading it.

Imagineers love to get creative when it comes to making up signs that indicate no guests are allowed past this door.  In this case, they integrate the pig security officers into the gag.

Here's another inside joke among entertainers but like so many Muppets jokes, they work on multiple levels.

These jokes are a reference to the Happiness Hotel motif in one corner of the store, from the film "The Great Muppet Caper". The basic joke is the hotel the Muppets have decided to stay in is about as cheap as you can get and you'll find visual gags like these to convey that idea.

Here's a case of a sign being posted and no one paying any attention to it.  The irony of the situation is what makes this visual gag funny.

Another classic Muppets style play on words.

Another joke about ignoring safety and being messy.


These series of signs play on the joke of forbidding something that is constantly happening.  And since it's Muppets, it has to include a few outrageous rules like cackling or barking.

A hot set is movie speak for a set that is currently being used to film on.  In this case, they make the joke that it's not only hot in the sense of the metaphor but also literally as the lights have started to singe the signs.

More signs trying to get the Muppets to be clean without avail.


Rizzo hamming it up with an over-the-top joke about what not to do.

Speaking of Rizzo, he's busy once more trying to get a laugh by defacing this mural of Ms. Piggy.

Remember all those other safety signs?  There's a reason for them and you can tell from this sign that indicates there's always something crazy going on with the Muppets.

Another great play on words

If you've never been in the Stage One Company Store, you have to go in to experience these jokes first hand.  The rich level of detail for a gift shop is really cool and it's a great example of why Muppetvision 3D is a beloved attraction.

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