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Droids in Star Tours

As you walk through the queue of Star Tours, there are lots of interesting things to look at, many of which reference the Star Wars films.  But along with these uber-geeky elements are two pieces of Disney World history and those who have been to the Disney parks for many years may remember these two from a completely different in attraction somewhere else, a long time ago.

The geese quartet from America Sings

These two "birds" are animatronics that are actually from an extinct attraction called "America Sings" that ran from 1974 to 1988 in Disneyland.  America Sings was a show that sang songs from various periods in America's musical history, often in a humorous fashion.  Hosted by "Eagle Sam" and "Owl", these two would sing many different songs to entertain crowds for years.  Well, in 1988 Disney decided to close this attraction because of a rumored over-budget Splash Mountain and so the attraction was gutted.  

G2-9T, one of the geese

Two of the geese animatronics were taken and had their skin removed, leaving just the robotic skeleton and they were converted to become the two droids we see in Star Tours queue.  In a bit of coincidence, one droid sings a parody of "I've been working on the railroad", which was one of the songs from the America Sings attraction.

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