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Studio Experience with a Newbie

This past trip to Disney World I had the honor of taking my Stepson to the Studios for the first time. I love taking newbies to the World and experiencing the magic through their eyes. Jordan has already been to the Magic Kingdom two times on other trips and this time he was going to tour all the parks.  I knew some of the thrill rides were going to be a problem. How was I going to explain that he would be in the dark, traveling at high speeds upside down or dropping at a moment’s notice in an elevator without scaring him into not waiting to go on at all? Here is what I did…

  • I gave him a brief description of the ride itself and compared whatever ride he has been on before to let him see the comparison of his own previous experience.
  • I answered all of his questions and tried to calm his nerves by telling him it would be a fun experience and we need to try things once to see if we like them or not. If you don’t try how are you going to know?
  • I told him if he was really scared once we got to the ride platform that we can always head to the exit and not ride if he was too scared.

Well it worked! He had an awesome time and not only is the Studios his favorite park but Rock’ n’ Roller Coaster is his favorite ride. He wanted to ride it two times in a row! I was shocked I thought for sure he would be like “never again.” He told me that I explained it to him in a way to make him not be afraid. I hope that my experience can help any of you with family or friends who may have issues or fears with thrill rides. 

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Posted: Tuesday, March 15, 2011
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