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Rainy Day in the Studios

On one of our recent trips to Disney World we got trapped in the middle of the Studios in what I would call the skies opening up and pouring down upon us rain. I looked at my husband and we both we were like what are we going to do? I had come prepared with ponchos and an umbrella since the forecast called for slight chance of rain but in Florida you never know. I was not about to let this ruin our day so we bundled up and made our way to shelter to draw up a plan. Most people were exiting the park in droves so we were hoping for shorter lines. Since most of the attractions at the Studios are indoors we were lucky enough that nothing was going to close up for the day. The only downside was getting from one attraction to the other in the rain.

We decided to head to The Magic of Disney Animation since it was closest and we have never been. After the presentation we headed to the Animation Academy. We loved it! It was so cool getting instructions on how to draw an authentic Disney character. Plus it made the time go by in a fun way, if it didn’t rain we wouldn’t have taken the time to explore this attraction and we were glad we did.

Here are some tips I have for you should you happen upon rain on your vacation.

  • Check out the weather report the night before and the morning of since the weather in Florida is so unpredictable. It can change at a moment’s notice.
  • Bring ponchos with you into the parks. They are lightweight and will dry quickly after the rain slows.
  • You may want to bring plastic zip lock bags to put your electronics in if your bag should become soaked.
  • Bring extra socks or wear comfy open shoes like crocs or flip flops so that your feet will dry quicker and lessen the chancefor blisters.
  • Oh and most importantly don’t run if you can help it. I saw many people slipping and falling on the slick payment trying to get out of the rain.

Hope this helps and here’s to hoping there isn’t any rain on your next vacation to Disney!

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Ashley is a passionate foodie who enjoys cooking, fine dining, traveling and all things Disney


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Posted: Tuesday, January 18, 2011
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