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The worst attractions in the history of the Studios

Believe it or not, not everything is flowers and butterflies with our views of Disney's Hollywood Studios.  While we celebrate what the park has to offer, we're very aware that there have been some mistakes made along the way and today we're looking at the worst attractions in the history of the Studios.  When we say worst, we don't mean bad or not our taste, but rather just plain awful.

3. Pixar Pals Countdown To Fun! (2011)

The Pixar Pals Countdown To Fun! parade has been around for almost two years and it's still the worst parade I can remember at the Studios.  It's short, doesn't feature any Disney music and is basically the exact same parade floats from its predacessor, Block Party Bash.  It's redeeming quality of featuring some Disney characters we don't often see in the parks can't make up for the fact it's plain boring. 

The parade has been widely panned as dull by many other Walt Disney World fans and it's just not something people look forward to. Considering how good the last two parades before it were (Disney Stars and Motor Cars and Block Party Bash), it's a shame how awful this parade currently is.

2. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective: Live in Action (1995)

In the mid to late 1990s, the Disney-MGM Studios tried to capitalize on shows that highlighted movies and television shows that were popular at the time and the worst of them was the Ace Ventura: Pet Detective: Live in Action show on New York Street. Like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Goosebumps live action shows that preceeded it, the Ace Ventura show was performed multiple times per day and was just plain campy.

This show suffered from two problems; First, it was past its prime with the original Ace Ventura film coming out in 1994.  Second, it was more than just silly, it was over the top campy. I think this exemplified the problems the park had in the early 90s with trying to give guests something to entertain them.

1. Get Happy...With ABC! (2002)

Disney has put together plenty of throw-away attractions in the past but this one has to take the take.  Held in what's now the home of the American Idol Experience, Get Happy with ABC was an exhibit (if you want to call it that) that showcased the fall 2002 ABC network primetime lineup of shows.  It ran from July 1 2002 to Oct 5 2002.

This was a glorified commercial that someone really thought guests would find entertaining.  The idea that a Walt Disney World attraction could be comprised of commercials for television shows was really an insult of the worst kind.  I don't like to toss around the notion of "What would Walt say" but I doubt anyone really believes Walt Disney had something like Get Happy with ABC in mind when he came up with the notion for Disneyland/Walt Disney World.

Honorable mention: Sounds Dangerous and Journey into Narnia

I know someone was going to mention Sounds Dangerous and Journey into Narnia and I wanted to acknowledge that yes, they weren't great.  But I want to counter this argument by saying they weren't so much bad as they were simply around for far too long.  Like that guy at a college party that graduated 4 years ago, these two attractions stuck around longer than they should have.

When they debuted, they were entertaining attractions but lack of suitable replacements (and the money to make it happen) meant they kept their doors open to less and less guests and as dedicated fans of the parks, we took notice.  So while I agree the time for these two attractions to have left was many years before they actually did, let's not overlook their initial entertainment value before we just got sick of seeing it at all.

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