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What I miss about the Studios

I know I'm not going to get much sympathy (if any) from  my readers this week, but I was thinking about how I haven't been to Disney's Hollywood Studios at all in over two weeks due to personal and business related plans.  I think regardless of how often you go, once a week or once a year, being away from Hollywood Studios for a while starts to get you thinking about what you miss about the park.

Think about the last time you went to Walt Disney World and then think about the day after you got home from your trip. Sure you wish you were still at the parks having fun, but on the other hand you had your fun and feel like you probably got a good taste of what Walt Disney World has to offer.  With it being just one day after your trip, you have a lot of memories to digest and the feeling is fresh enough to keep you going.

As the days start to go past, I think this is when we start to really miss being in Hollywood Studios.  When you get to one week and then two weeks since your last visit, it's hard not to look back fondly on your trip.  For me, the first thing I miss about Disney's Hollywood Studios is just being there.  Forget the rides, shows, restaurants and other entertainment, I yearn to simply be in the park and enjoying the feeling.


I think everyone can relate to that feeling of simply being in a Walt Disney World theme park.  It's that feeling of, "Wow, I'm really here and it's gonna be great!".  I'm willing to bet anyone reading this would sign up for the chance to be on Hollywood Boulevard and do absolutely no rides for even just an hour per day if they could instantly transport over.  To that notion, I feel the same way.  The feeling of being in Hollywood Studios alone is something I really miss.

The next thing we start to miss are the experiences we want to repeat in the park.  This will mean different things to every person but when you think about your last trip to Walt Disney World, instantly memories of experiences in the park will pop up.  It might be wanting to ride Toy Story Midway Mania again because last time you barely beat your sibling/spouse/friend after they gloated about how badly they were going to beat you.  Or maybe you want to have lunch again at 50's Prime Time Cafe because the last time you had a really entertaining waiter.  

Truthfully these desires to want to repeat those fun memories is what makes Walt Disney World so special.  When I go to the mall or a beach or even another theme park, I may enjoy simply being at one of those places, but quite often I'm content with the experiences I had there to hold me over.  But at Walt Disney World, I yearn to return to do it all over again and that's a really unique feeling.

Surely this column is conjuring up your own memories and desires for what you'd love to do right now and for me, it's a little easier to deal with those feelings given that I'll be at Disney's Hollywood Studios this weekend (yea, no sympathy) but whether you're spoiled like me or not, we all experience those same feelings when we start to miss being in the park.

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Posted: Wednesday, March 14, 2012 by