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What about Star Wars Weekends?

"I cannot teach him. The boy has no patience." - Yoda

Now that Christmas and New Years are over and the Walt Disney World Marathon is finished, many of us are looking forward to what else we have planned for 2011 and quite often that's lead many to ask me the same question, "What about Star Wars Weekends?  When is it going to be held?".  

For an annual event as popular as Star Wars Weekends, you'd think these details would be out by now but rest assured Disney is actually consistent with when it announces this information.  Unlike other events at Walt Disney World, a large portion of the event is out of Disney's hands and therefore, they spend  a lot of time behind the scenes getting everything ready.  Specifically, booking celebrities and organizing the events takes a lot of time.

The good news is while it may seem like Disney is late with its official Star Wars Weekend dates, it's actually still early.  Here are the dates we Disney announced the  Star Wars Weekend dates from the past few years...

  • 2010: December 22
  • 2009: January 4
  • 2008: January 5
  • 2007: February 3
  • 2006: January 12
  • 2005: January 8
  • 2004: February 6
  • 2003: February 5

What we can surmise from these dates is we were spoiled last year but taking 2010 out as an outlier, we're right about where we should be for Star Wars Weekend dates. 

You don't have to run a Hollywood Studios website to know when Star Wars Weekend very likely will be. The smart bet is for Star Wars Weekend to be held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from May 20 through June 11.  We know this because typically Star Wars Weekends has been held on the last 2 weekends in May and the first two weekends in June.  The exception was 2007 and 2008 when the event was held in June only (and I'm not counting 1997 when it was in February).  Again, this is a guess and I wouldn't book anything you can't cancel until we know for sure, but I don't think the event starting May 20 is much of a gamble.

If you're wondering about what events will be held during Star Wars Weekends and which celebrities will be in attendance, well that information usually comes out much later.  A celebrity list will trickle out sometime in March or April and an event list could possibly be available a week or so before weekend 1, although in many years, we've never had any official schedule ahead of weekend 1. 

If there's one thing we can learn from all of this, it's that when it comes to Star Wars Weekends, patience is indeed a virtue. While we'd love to have this information a lot sooner than we're receiving it, understand this is how it's always been handled and the good news is the event is consistent enough to be able to plan based on previous years information.  Remember, in the words of Obi Wan Kenobi, "Patience, Anakin. There's more than one way to skin a womp rat."

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