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Top 5 Entrees in Hollywood Studios

The more often you visit Hollywood Studios, the more opportunities you will have to try out restaurants, both full and counter service.  I've had the opportunity to sample quite a bit of the food found inside Hollywood Studios and over the years I've compiled my own personal list of what I think tastes great.  It's only natural for any self respecting Disney World geek to want to rank the favorites and figure out which meal is the best out there.

5.Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (Studios Catering Co)

This is a new menu item, with the restaurant having recently been rehabed earlier this year, and it already stands out as a great option. Great portion size and tasty buffalo sauce make this a good option for any visit.  This sandwich has been consistently good and for those that have written off counter service in Hollywood Studios, this is a solid choice.

4. Chicken Curry (ABC Commissary)

Whenever I go to ABC Commissary with someone and they ask me what to get, I always recommend the chicken curry.  It's tasty, not spicy and fills you up.  In terms of value, it's good but more importantly, it just tastes good.  I'm sure many are scared by the fact it's called a curry, but rest assured this is not spicy at all and you need to simply think of it like chicken in a heavy marinade.  The addition of rice gives this the right balance and I love to order this each and every time I visit the commissary. 

3. Noodle Bowl (Brown Derby)

You can file this entree under the "adventurous" category but I really like it.  The menu describes it as "Wok-fried Coconut Tofu, Soy Beans, Sugar Snap Peas, Bok Choy, and Shiitake Mushrooms in a Red Curry Broth".  It sounds exotic and looks exotic, but I promise that if you like Asian noodle bowls, this is a winner.  First, it's a huge entree and is sure to fill you up.  Second, it tastes great.  The broth and vegetables really create a unique taste that makes you eager to have some more.  Again, this isn't for the picky eaters out there, but if you like trying new foods, this is one to check out.

2. Chicken Parmesan (Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano)

Sometimes it's the simple things that are the best and the chicken parmesan at Mama Melrose's is just that.  There's nothing special or unique to this breaded chicken served over spaghetti covered in cheese and marinara sauce but that's okay.  What it lacks in uniqueness it makes up for in taste.  It's one of those meals that you start eating and before you know it, it's all gone and you wonder where it went.  It seems like every time I go to Mama Melrose I look over the menu for what to order but keep coming back to this winner.  

1. Pot Roast (50's Prime Time Cafe)

The pot roast at 50's Prime Time Cafe is no secret to Disney World afficianados who have come to put it on their favorite dishes list consistently.  What I love about the pot roast is how tender and flavorful the beef is.  It's so soft you likely don't need a knife and so tasty, you'll wonder how your mom had the nerve to call what she used to make on Thursday nights pot roast when you were a kid.  It's something I've ordered year after year and each time it's the same wonderful dish.  Hard to go wrong with something that's so consistent.  By far, this is the dish to have in Hollywood Studios.

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