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The three best attractions you aren't seeing

Disney World guests are a weird bunch, in that we tend to find ourselves in the same routines for each trip.  We always want to re-experience our favorite attractions, restaurants and entertainment to the point that often there are some attractions that are overlooked because they were never part of that routine.  In Hollywood Studios, there are definitely a few attractions that are often overlooked by guests visiting but to be honest, you really shouldn't.  Here are my top three attractions that I think are worth checking out if you've been avoiding them lately.

American Idol Experience

I know not all of us care for or watch American Idol on television, or even reality tv for that matter.  But just like Pirates of the Caribbean isn't just for people with a deep infatuation with pirates, American Idol Experience is more than just a copy of the famous TV show.  The American Idol Experience has become a celebration of talent that guests visiting the park have and it's a really interesting foray into television production as a whole.

If you're going to see one American Idol Experience show, check out the finale show (now at 6:30pm) for the best possible experience.  The finale show is a showcase of the best talent from that day and that usually results in a pretty good show.  The shows earlier in the day tend to be more hit or miss, depending on the talent there, but the finale show has never let me down (and it also does not include that sappy "I've got the music in me" forced dancing routine).  When someone asks me about American Idol Experience, I give them that advice and quite often they come back and tell me that they did enjoy the show and it wasn't what they were expecting.

Block Party Bash

For a while you could have counted me as part of the group of Disney World fans that hated afternoon parades.  To me, they were long, boring and uncomfortable and then I experienced Block Party Bash. Block Party Bash is anything but the traditional afternoon parade.  It's really a show that moves and I really love the energy that this parade has with it.  The Cast Members that are in the show really exude having a good time and it's hard not to want to get into the mood by dancing around a little or clapping your hands.

For kids, Block Party Bash is what parades always lack, in that it offers an opportunity for kids to really spend time with their favorite characters.  Where in a traditional parade the characters walk past them, in Block Party Bash, they stick around to interact along with the parade performers to really engage guests.  To me, that really separates this parade from the other parades I've experienced in Walt Disney World and you should take more opportunity to enjoy this parade, especially now that its run in Hollywood Studios is going to end at the end of the year.

Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show

If we were to list everyone's favorite genre of attractions, I don't think stunt shows would be near the top of the list, but that shouldn't preclude you from seeing Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show.  Often I hear that it's an attraction they've seen once or twice but haven't seen again lately and it's time to go back.  While I freely admit there's too much time between stunt sequences, the stunts themselves are really cool and exciting.  It's one thing to do stunts with people, but these stunts use cars, motorcycles and jetskis, which totally change the dynamic of a stunt show.

What I really like about Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show is how precise these stunt drivers are with their vehicles and how they can perform near misses consistently while making it all look so easy.  When you think about what it takes to make these stunts possible, it's really impressive and I think it's another attraction you need to see again.

With all three of these attractions, very likely none of them would make your top five list of attractions in Hollywood Studios and that's okay, but you shouldn't dismiss these if you haven't experienced them recently.  The great thing about the Disney internet community is we've all become so connected and can share all of our favorite aspects of Walt Disney World on a daily basis, but this same hype we attribute to much of Disney World also buries some lesser appreciated attractions that are worth a visit on your next trip.

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