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New Years Wish

On a recent episode of WDW Today, the panel discussed what changes they'd like to see at Walt Disney World and it's only natural for me to consider this topic as it pertains to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  There's not short list of changes I wouldn't mind see come to Hollywood Studios in 2011, but here are my top three that I'd really like to see.

Simplify the parking

I go to Hollywood Studios almost every week and I swear I've witnessed dozens of different parking strategies employed and I'm not sure why there are so many possibilities.  Sometimes the Stage parking lot is filled first and then the Film and Music lots.  But other times the Film lot is used first, then the Music lot and the Stage lot saved for the evening.  And yet other times they take parts of the Television lot (the Cast Member parking lot) and start there first.  

Saving the parking lot closest to the park for people arriving in the evening never made any sense to me.  If you arrive later in the day to see Fantasmic! or the Osborne Lights, then you'll have to deal with parking further away from the entrance.  After all, it's what the other parks do, so enough of this Russian roulette parking scheme. Just fill the closest lots first and move backwards.  

More Fantasmic! showings

You probably saw this coming when you read this week's article topic, but I cannot resist the opportunity to remind Disney once again how inconvenient the current Fantasmic! schedule is.  In short, it's near impossible to see Fantasmic! without waiting almost 2 hours and/or enduring mammoth crowds.  Neither the Magic Kingdom nor Epcot curtail their nighttime schedules, so why should Hollywood Studios? Let's restore the shows to at least one per day.  

Move Star Wars Weekends events to same location as Last Tour to Endor

During the Last Tour to Endor event, the Hyperspace Hoopla show was shown in front of the Sorcerer's Hat instead of on the Jedi Training Academy stage as it had traditionally been during Star Wars Weekends.  This change helped immensely in making it easier to enjoy this wonderful show as in the last few years, the crowds for Hyperspace Hoopla had built up so much that it felt like being in a sardine can.  After seeing the show on a stage in front of the Sorcerer's Hat, I cannot imagine seeing the show any other way. Let's move the Hyperspace Hoopla away from Jedi Training Academy and over to Hollywood Boulevard so many more can enjoy the show.

You can say these aren't the loftiest of wishes, but I want to be practical and wish for things I think have a semblance of possibility of ever happening, especially this coming year.  Sure, I'd gladly accept a monorail extension to the Studios or that Monsters Inc ride we've heard about for so long, but I wanted to ask for things I like to think Disney is more than capable of delivering on.  

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