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MythBusters Hollywood Studios: Counter Service Restaurants

I'm sure you've all seen MythBysters on the Discovery Channel, but if you haven't, it's a television show where the hosts take myths, old wives tales', legends or theories and put them to the test to see if it's true.  This got me thinking about the "myths" about Disney's Hollywood Studios and so I'd like to provide my own written form of MythBusters about Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The basic formula is I'll present a commonly held myth, discuss it and then declare it "Busted" (meaning it's false), "Plausible" (meaning it could be true) or "Confirmed" (which means it's true).

Myth: Hollywood Studios quick service restaurants are the worst in WDW

The myth is that if you compare the aggregate sum of the quick service restaurants in Hollywood Studios and rank them against the other parks, you'd end up with Hollywood Studios being the worst in terms of "good restaurants". 

Obviously what's good or not is a completely subjective term.  If we're comparing restaurants based on common opinion, most people tend to say Epcot has the best but after that it's up in the air.

I'll be the first to admit the counter service restaurants in Hollywood Studios aren't going to be better than Epcot.  Depending on your eating habits and pickyness, it's going to vary wildly in terms of opinion.

So in true MythBusters style, we decided to let Math answer the question for us.  We took the ratings of each counter service restaurant from our friends at TouringPlans.com and assigned number values to the letters. 10 = A+, 9 = A, 8 = A-, 7 = B+, et al.  We then added up the scores for each park to get a total sum value as well as an average.  Here's how Hollywood Studios ranked:

Hollywood Studios Total score: 48
Hollywood Studios Average: 4.8 (B-)

Magic Kingdom Total Score: 58
Magic Kingdom Average: 5.8 (B)

Epcot Total Score: 87
Epcot Average: 5.11 (B-)

Animal Kingdom Total Score: 39
Animal Kingdom Average: 4.875 (B-)

Based on these scores, Disney World's quick service restaurants rank in this order

  1. Magic Kingdom
  2. Epcot
  3. Animal Kingdom
  4. Hollywood Studios

Although the score was close, Hollywood Studios did come in last place for average score among the four parks.  Mind you the difference between first and last place is less than 1 point, nonetheless, the myth that Hollywood Studios' counter service restaurants are the worst is confirmed.  Hear that Disney? Let's fix things there!

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