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My favorite counter service meal at Disney's Hollywood Studios

I'm always on the lookout for something new to try at Disney's Hollywood Studios and counter service food is something I'm especially vigilant about inspecting.  I've spent the last two years or so avoiding burgers at Walt Disney World because I feel they're all the same so I've been constantly looking for good alternatives and lately I've found a new counter service meal at the Studios that really hits the spot.

At Min and Bill's Dockside Diner, you'll find my new favorite counter service meal at the Studios and it's definitely not the restaurant you'd probably think to find a good meal.  For years I never really ate here just because the limited menu never really appealled to me.  Their menu has been changing over the last few years and recently I gave them another try and found a real winner.

The frankfurter in a pretzel roll and a milk shake, to me, is the best meal at Disney's Hollywood Studios counter service restaurants.  First, the hot dog is placed in a freshly made pretzel roll.  When you order it, you can see in the little kitchen a Cast Member assembling the pretzel dog, which shows that it hasn't been sitting around and getting mushy.  The combination of hot dog, pretzel roll and spicy brown mustard really does well.

While the pretzel dog does come with a bag of chips, the real accompaniment you must try is the milk shake. Okay, it's not really a milk shake.  It's basically soft serve ice cream in a cup.  There's chocolate or vanilla to choose from and there's something just perfect about it when you eat it after your hot dog.  Maybe it's the fact you need to eat it quickly since it melts but I just really enjoy having both of these items together for a quick meal in the park.

Granted, this isn't the healthiest meal around but it's a refreshing change from the usual counter service options I've run across.  If the weather outside isn't suited to eating outdoors, you can always take your meal over to Backlot Express and consume it in the comfort of air conditioning.  Give this a try on your next trip and maybe you too will find a new favorite combo at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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Posted: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 by