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Luxo Jr's Obituary

Luxo Jr was a young man, err.... lamp that did a lot in a short amount of time.  Like so many, he left us much too soon at the precipice of his potential.  Just a few weeks ago, Disney pulled the plug (pun intended) on the Luxo Jr animatronic that appeared near the entrance to Toy Story Midway Mania.  

Often when a loved one leaves us, we ask ourselves "Why?" and all too often the answers aren't that easy to find.  The most commonly accepted reason for Luxo's sudden demise was litigation between Disney/Pixar and a company, Luxo ASA,  that caused Disney to have to, among other things, pull the animatronic to prevent infringing on Luxo's (the company) copyright.  And like so many who leave before their time, Luxo Jr also suffered from health problems, often not functioning correctly and requiring a lot of maintenance (but who doesn't need some TLC these days, right?).

Despite Luxo Jr's flaws, his knack for performing always came through in his shows.  I remember the first time I was moved emotionally by a giant lamp and nearly everyone that I had seen the show with loved watching him perform.  After all, he was a natural and could dance to many different varieties of music.  What made Luxo Jr so much fun was that he was unlike anything we had seen before.  Sure, we'd seen talking potato heads, walking dinosaurs and talking and walking trash cans, but Luxo Jr brought some personality that anyone who saw him would quickly pick up on.  He was truly unique and amazing.

The amazing thing about Luxo Jr was he was someone we didn't necessarily need, but once he arrived it's going to be hard to imagine Pixar Place without him.  He was the sort of character that separates Disney from other parks because of the rich attention to detail that only Disney can provide by bringing us someone like Luxo Jr.  When you would walk anywhere near Toy Story Midway Mania, you'd have to think at least once to wonder if there's time to catch Luxo's next show.  In his short time in the public eye, he became one of those must-see every trip aspect of Hollywood Studios.  Alas, he will be missed and become a part of Disney lore that we will look back on fondly and recall the good times we had seeing him do the show he loved to perform (weather permitting).

In keeping with Disney tradition, it only makes sense to give Luxo Jr a final burial with a proper headstone, befitting a lamp of his brilliance.  So, if Disney finds him fit, here are some suggestions for his head stone once he's buried at the Haunted Mansion...

Here lies Luxo Jr,
Should have seen that lawsuit sooner

Rest in peace Luxo Jr,
The world is one light fewer

Luxo Jr laid to rest,
Pulled the plug while at his best

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Posted: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 by