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Looking into the future

Call me Nostradmas (or just crazy) but I think I’m clairvoyant.  I have an uncanny ability to predict green lights at traffic intersections so it only makes sense for me to apply this skill to predicting the future of the Disney-MGM Studios.  Oh, excuse me…Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  I’m going to tap into my vast mental abilities and gaze into the future.  One year in the future, to be exact and give you my prediction to what the Studios will look like in one year. And I know exactly what you’re thinking and no, I cannot also get you lottery numbers while I’m out in the future because if I was going to do that, I certainly will not share that information in this column.

Okay, let me harmonize my mind to the fine tuned frequency of the future.  Ah, there it is…and I can see it now.  Lovely, you really should see how it is.  In November 2008 Toy Story Mania will have been opened for about 6 months and it’s a good addition for the Studios.  Not the show-stopper that Expedition Everest was for Animal Kingdom, but a good addition to the Studios…when it works.  That’s right, I’m seeing a lot of breakdowns and it makes sense considering the level of technology involved in this attraction.  This isn’t your father’s Buzz Lightyear type attraction.  But when it is working, guests generally enjoy it.

Much like the Roz interactive character in Disneyland, the audio-animatronic Mr. Potato Head in the queue has become a big hit with guests.  The way it works is Mr. Potato Head can talk to guests, similar to how Crush talks to guests in Turtle Talk over in Epcot. The difference is that where Crush is on a screen, Mr. Potato Head is there in three dimensions in front of you and is far more tangible. 

I would spend more time talking about Toy Story Mania but the new Block Party Bash parade has just started and it’s a welcome change from the Stars and Motor Cars parade that had been running until about April of 2008.  The Block Party parade comes from Disneyland and it’s not a perfect parade but change is welcome and day-time parades do have a shelf life to them so it’s good to have this new parade in here for something new.

Not convinced yet? Disbelievers, prepare to become a converted faithful of the word of Matt because my time in the future has also given me a view that the Backlot Theater has been converted over to a multi-purpose theater where the High School Musical Pep Rally is being shown so that the monster crowds that had been in front of the Sorcerer’s Hat can be moved out of the way.  Plus, the Backlot Theater doubles as a place for special events to be held, similar to the Tomorrowland Stage in the Magic Kingdom.

Before my time here in the future is done, let’s take a walk over to the ABC Theater to see what has been done to it and lo and behold…nothing! That’s right, nothing has changed here and this prominent theater lays dormant for yet another year as rumors swirl about it’s future.  Aside from being used for special events like ESPN the Weekend or the just completed Super Soap Weekend, it’s doors are boarded up so prepare yourselves for another year of disappointment in terms of waiting for a new attraction here.

Well, I’m starting to get a headache from all this thinking and I need to save my prognosticating powers for my drive home so I can be assured of green lights.  Take heed of my visions of the future, for they are the best indication of what to expect.  Okay, okay.... Colts over the Cowboys in the Super Bowl.  Don’t say I didn’t help you out when you make that big bet. 

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Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 by