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Look at the details in the Lights

Last week kicked off the beginning of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights for 2011 and once again, this amazing event is dazzling guests with some impressive displays of lights.  But what you'll need to make sure of when you see the lights is not to assume it's a lot of the same.  In fact, there's a lot of details worth looking for to ensure you really see the Osborne Lights.

One thing I really enjoy about the Osborne Lights is the fact that the Disney people that work on the lights every year don't just put out the same display over and over again.  Rather, Disney Show Producer John Phelan and his team prep for the lights each year and Phelan challenges his team to improve upon what they had last year. It's a big part of why it's important to take your time and enjoy the many aspects of the Osborne Lights beyond the obvious elements.

Let's start with the balconies.  Each balcony on the Streets of America tell a story about the people that live there.  There's a theme to each balcony and some balconies are pretty much the same from year to year (the surfer, the Jewish family, et al) but they've added a Pirate balcony, a Muppets balcony and a cowboy balcony just to name a few.  To me, it's fascinating how the Cast Members can make Christmas lights evoke a theme like pirates or cowboys.

I'd be remiss if I neglected to mention the black cat that is hidden in the lights every year.  This year's location I felt was especially difficult to find but the basic story is when Jennings Osborne transported his lights from Little Rock, Arkansas to Walt Disney World, he accidently included one of his Halloween displays, a black cat, with the Christmas lights.  When Disney recieved the shipment, they decided to include the black cat display as a little inside joke and hide it among the lights for people in the know to spot. I won't spoil where the black cat is this year, but you will definitely need to look in every nook and cranny for it.

An unexpected highlight was the light canopy on San Francisco street. There has been a light canopy for years there, but this year the lights were changed from incandescent bulbs to LED lights and this year when the Osborne Lights dance, the light canopy is something really amazing to see.  Take some time to stand under it and enjoy the show the light canopy gives for each dancing routine.  Bravo to the Cast Members for coming up with this great improvement.

While the Osborne Lights Touring Plan we outlined last year still holds up, it's important to take some time while you're seeing it all and enjoy the details that Cast Members have included.  There's really a lot to enjoy this year and if you're not looking at the details, then you're not seeing the Osborne Lights.

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