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Just like you

As someone who lives minutes from Walt Disney World, I don’t get too much pitty from other Disney World fans when it comes to not being able to get to Disney World for a trip. After all, I can go anytime I want; I just need to find a few spare hours to have before going over there. Even so, I haven’t been to Hollywood Studios or Disney World in general for over two weeks now and it’s kind of, well, weird!
Living so close to Walt Disney World for a year and a half, I’ve grown accustomed to going to the parks pretty darn often.   I usually go once a week at the very least to do the Studios Update column and then there’s usually an event going on or a friend in town who wants to meet up. And sometimes my wife and I feel like going to a park to enjoy a few hours riding a ride or two or maybe just spending some time together. The last two weeks we’ve been busy with family and work related activities and as a result, I haven’t set foot on Disney property since the first weekend of June. 
When I stop and think about not being in the Studios for as long as I have, it’s kind of weird. Generally I’m in the Studios quite often for one reason or another and I’ve started to regress a bit into what I used to be, or as many of you are currently; a tourist. What I mean, is I’ve found myself becoming nostalgic for things I’ve haven’t ridden in a while and certainly there’s been some new developments in the Studios and there’s a few little nuances I haven’t experienced firsthand and so I’ve begun that little list we all have in our head of what we want to do on our next trip to Walt Disney World. While many of you reading this may have a list that includes new attractions or restaurants, my list may simply have some new forms of entertainment to photograph or a section of this website to develop but I’ve been away so long that my mental list is getting quite big.
I still don’t think you’re feeling any pity for me and frankly, I don’t expect you to. What I’m getting at here is given enough time away and we all start doing the same thing. Be it, if you haven’t been to the Studios for years or weeks, everyone kind of does the same thing when separated from the parks. Besides that list we all keep of what we want to do on our next trip, we start to seek out subtle forms of nostalgia such as listening to park music or reading a few more Disney based web sites. Even television commercials for Disney World are enough to stop you in your channel surfing tracks so you can catch a glimpse of that Disney magic that has eluded us. So in that way, it’s kind of quaint to know that the time spent away from Disney World is irrelevant and given enough time, we all end up in the same frame of mind.
So how do we deal with “the Disney blues”? The simple solution is to look forward to your next trip to Orlando where you’ll be able to once again indulge in everything that you love about the parks. From the world class attractions to the various dining found around the resort, being back in the parks makes that time spent away thinking about how long it’s been seem like it never really happened since you’ve finally achieved that ultimate goal. For me, I’ll be back in that state of mind this weekend as I plan on spending all day Saturday and some of Sunday at Hollywood Studios to enjoy what Disney has to offer and yes, do some research for this site. I know you’ve probably yelled at your monitor now, “reminding” me that you have much longer to go before I do, but take solace in the fact that I, too, was once among the temporary-in-exile and we’re all stuck doing things away from the magic, even if I can measure my distance in stop lights instead of miles or states.
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Posted: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 by