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Great outdoor activities when the weather is nice

This time of year offers some of the best weather Florida has thanks to warm temperatures that maintain low humidity levels while still raising the mercury in the thermometer.  It's this sort of weather that makes being outside in the Disney Parks a real treat and for when it feels great to be outside, there's a wealth of fun things to do in Hollywood Studios perfect for, well, perfect weather.

Throughout the year, there's plenty of activities outside of the attractions to do in Disney's Hollywood Studios but if it's too hot and humid, being outside in the elements can be less than desirable.  If you're lucky enough to enjoy Disney's Hollywood Studios during the nicer months of the year, here's the best things to do in the park if you don't mind some sunshine.

Citizens of Hollywood

Throughout the year, the talented Citizens of Hollywood (commonly known as "streetmosphere") entertain guests along Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard.  They often try to find the shady spots to perform but when the weather is right, it's fun to take in as many shows as you can. Remember, no two shows are ever exactly a like and it's a great opportunity to take in this underrated Studios entertainment.

Don't miss the Funniest Citizen in Hollywood, ususally held on Sunset Boulevard around 5 or 6pm.

Green Army Men

Many guests overlook this hillarious skit where the Green Army Men (the ones that talk, not the mime-like ones) come out and recruit kids to participate in a drill.  They recite songs (think G-Rated Full Metal Jacket) and pose for some very entertaining photos.  

The fun thing about the Green Army Men is obviously the kids really get a kick out of it given that they are the ones participating in the show, but the humor definitely works on an adult level as well.  

You can find the Green Army Men on Pixar Place, closer to Journey into Narnia on most days and usually in the morning hours.

Mulch, Sweat and Shears

When it comes to live musical entertainment, I really love watching Mulch, Sweat and Shears perform their covers of classic rock hits.  The story goes they are a family of landscapers who take time off between their work to rock out with all of us.  Like the JAMMinators or Off Kilter in Epcot, Mulch, Sweat and Shears give their unique take on some favorite songs. What I really like about the show is the energy.  These guys aren't "going through the motions" and playing a glorified CD.  Instead they put a lot of themselves into the songs and it really shows.

Mulch, Sweat and Shears can be found usually on the Streets of America throughout the day.  They do pop up elsewhere in the park on more crowded days of the year.

Relaxing by the water

When it's one of those absolutely gorgeous days and it's a real pleasure to be outside, my favorite place to sit down and have a snack or a drink has to be on the shores of Echo Lake.  It's quiet(er) and you can enjoy the warm rays of the sun alongside a beautiful body of water.  There are tables and chairs set up across from the 50's Prime Time Cafe that are usually empty and allow for a great view and the perfect place to enjoy the weather.

If I'm with friends, it's fun to grab a drink to go from the Tune-In Lounge or grab an ice cream cone from Dinosaur Gerties and enjoy the drinks by the water.

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