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Five worst places to eat at the Studios

Eating at Walt Disney World is a favorite past time for many because of the interesting and tasteful restaurants available to guests and I too can’t help but indulge in a tasty meal while on a visit to the Studios.  There are some great places to stop for a meal at the Studios, however there are some pitfalls that you probably want to skip as well.  So let’s look at the top five places you wouldn’t catch me eating at and neither should you.

Studio Catering Company

Isn’t it funny how a restaurant you once really liked can end up on your hate list?  Studio Catering Company used to have some nice options but the menu has been so watered down over the past few years since it’s major overhaul that it’s a general waste of your time.  They used to have wonderful wraps (albeit small) but these days, it’s generic American food that does nothing for me and you’re best advised to skip.  While there is ample seating, it’s outdoors and during warmer times of the year, a break from the weather is always welcome.

Catalina Eddie’s

If there’s going to be a theme developing among all of these restaurants, it’s bland and boring food.  Food like hot dogs, burgers and pizza are so overdone at Disney that I really try to avoid them if I can help it.  Catalina Eddie’s offers a few variety of pizza and the pizza here makes the pizza that Dominos or Pizza Hut offer up seem almost authentic.  You’ll find that cheap pizza that came direct from a factory that is overpriced and not very appealing. 

Fairfax Fries
This is a mini-crusade of mine but for the love that is good in the world, please don’t eat McDonalds French fries when you can eat it at home!  I’ll never understand folks who go on vacation only to eat the same stuff they can eat at home.  Personally, I love to try new things and see what there is in this vacation destination.  Do yourself a favor and skip this fry stand and eat somewhere else.

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant

Long time readers of this site knew this was coming but I had to say it anyway.  I find the Sci-Fi to be a bad choice for a number of reasons. First, their food is overpriced and not that great.  Second, the seating arrangement is in conducive to groups of more than 2 people because the “tables” are rows of two facing in one direction.  Carrying on a conversation is pretty tough when you’re talking to the back of someone’s head (or trying to talk backwards).  Factor in the loudness of the film playing and it doesn’t add up to a meal where everyone can enjoy their time together.

Rosie’s All American Café

Like Catalina Eddie’s which is next to it, Rosie’s All American Café serves up the “usal suspects” of burgers, chicken nuggets and fries that you can find nearly anywhere at Disney World.  Let’s disregard the food for a moment and factor in the crowds that create long lines.  Because of it’s proximity to the Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n Roller Coaster, there’s always a lot of food traffic here so lines often persist throughout much of the day simply because it’s the closest option for many families.  Don’t confuse the crowds you find here with good taste because there’s not much to enjoy here.

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