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Five ways to know if you're a Disney's Hollywood Studios super fan

It's safe to say most people that visit this site probably have some affinity for Disney's Hollywood Studios (and for the rest of you, thanks for trolling!) but the real question is are you a super fan.  Are you someone who merely enjoys Disney's Hollywood Studios or are you someone that really relishes your time in the park and can't get enough.  

Read through this column for five ways to tell if you're a Disney's Hollywood Studios super fan.

You love the Citizens of Hollywood

A really easy way to seperate pretenders from real fans is the Citizens of Hollywood because most people that are new to the park never stop to check out their shows. Often I'll ask if they've seen a show and when the answer is no, I know they haven't crossed the threshold yet of becoming a real Disney's Hollywood Studios super fan.  

I feel like understanding the amazing talent and humor the Citizens have is a key step to really appreciating the park and getting what makes the Studios so special.  You don't need to see every show of the day, but there should be an inclination to stop and see what bit they are performing if you catch them in the park.  The Citizens of Hollywood really are an underappreciated aspect of entertainment in the park but there's something about them that make it the best street entertainment in all of Walt Disney World.

The Tower of Terror is more than just a thrill ride for you

Even people that are scared to ride the Tower of Terror recognize it's a good attraction, but Disney's Hollywood Studios super fans know the Tower is more than just a scary drop.  Rather, it's one of the best demonstrations of story telling you will find in a Walt Disney World attraction.

It starts with the creepy queue and leads into the hotel lobby, which any self respecting Disney's Hollywood Studios super fan would never have enough time to enjoy.  Add to that the best preshow experience since the Haunted Mansion and that sets you up perfectly for a really fun and scary ride.  

Over the years I've really come to appreciate how much detail the Tower of Terror has and it's a tribute to the hard work of the Disney Imagineers who put so much thought into making the experience a compelling one.  For super fans, the Tower of Terror is one of the defining aspects of Disney's Hollywood Studios and an experience that is like no other.

The Osborne Lights are the best Christmas display at Walt Disney World in your opinion

Considering this column is being written in December, it's hard to ignore the fact that we are knee-deep in the Christmas season and the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights has to be the best Christmas offering Walt Disney World has for you to be a Studios super fan.  

Given the meager offerings found at the other parks in Walt Disney World, the Osborne Lights stand out as something you can experience again and again.  Moreover, the Osborne Lights are a fixture of your Christmas time trips to the parks in the same way Splash Mountain is to Frontierland: it's a fixture of the experience.

What really sticks out to me about the Osborne Lights is the fact they get additions and changes every year.  This isn't the same show year after year and that says a lot to me about what makes this show so special.

You consider the Great Movie Ride a classic Walt Disney World attraction

Disney World fans love to make a lists of the best things in the parks but for Studios super fans, I think you have to consider the Great Movie Ride one of the defining Walt Disney World attractions and in the same breath as Pirates of the Caribbean or Spaceship Earth.

Sure the Great Movie Ride has been around since the park opened, but it's become an iconic attraction that is easily quotable and an attraction you find yourself experiencing every trip you make.  The Great Movie Ride does not have to be your favorite ride by any means, but it's as integral a part of the Studios as the Haunted Mansion is to the Magic Kingdom or Kilimanjaro Safaris is to Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards at night are beautiful to you

If we can be a little touchy-feely for a little bit, I think the real Studios super fans recognize how beautiful Disney's Hollywood Studios can be at night, especially on Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards.

There's something about the neon glow that's found in this part of the park at night that transforms the park when the sun sets.  I've written in the past about how beautiful an experience the neon lights are but if you're a Studios super fan, you should probably have an appreciation for the splendor of this part of the park after dusk.

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