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Five things to try on your next trip to Hollywood Studios

If there's a pitfall that many Walt Disney World fans fall for, it's routine.  All too often fans of coming to Disney World love to do their favorite things in the parks, like ride their favorite rides and eat at their favorite restaurants.  There isn't anything wrong with doing the things you love, but that usually gets in the way of trying new things.  

So if 2012 is the year that you're looking to break out of the "same old, same old" and try something new, then here are a few ideas we have for experiencing something different in Hollywood Studios.

Try the buffalo chicken sandwich at Studio Catering Co

I've often opined about my love for the chicken curry at ABC Commissary, but alas, I've found something else that makes my heart, err stomach yearn for it.  The buffalo chicken sandwich at Studio Catering Co is a really tasty meal that I really like.  First, the breaded chicken cutlet they offer is enormous.  Second, it's covered in a great tasting buffalo sauce (not spicy at all).  And third, it's served a really good tasting roll (no lame wheat burger buns here).

If you're looking for a quick meal at the Studios, I really recommend trying this sandwich out.

Explore the Star Tours Queue

I think one aspect of the new Star Tours attraction that has been lost on everyone since it opened is how really cool the queue is.  From the droid scanner to the silhouettes of Star Wars characters walking by to the baggage area, there's a lot to enjoy in the Star Tours queue.  

Next time at Star Tours, let other guests pass you by as you watch the entire loop of any of these interesting elements of theme. There's some really cool hidden gems and inside jokes to be found and if you haven't seen it all yet, then you're missing out on a big part of what makes the new Star Tours so very cool.  

Try getting a FASTPASS and standing in that line to watch, since there's less people you'll be in the way of.

Explore the Tower of Terror

My absolute favorite ride in all of Walt Disney World is the Tower of Terror and I always tell people it's more than just a ride.  Being at the Tower of Terror is an experience and you need to look at the details hidden throughout the attraction area.  Start with the Twilight Zone references you can find all around.  There's a ton to be found and it's a really neat part of the attraction.  

Next, pay attention to the story line that is being told in the queue, especially in the hotel lobby.  If you're familiar with the back story of the attraction, look at what time all the clocks are set to and the newspaper headlines laying around.  Don't be afraid to let other guests pass you by to take it all in.  Imagineers have really done a wonderful job with the story the Tower of Terror tells.

Photograph Hollywood Studios at night

There's never enough time for me to enjoy Hollywood Studios at night and taking photographs is fun for anyone, regardless of how talented you are (or arent).  Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards really stand out as fun areas to take photos of as well as the whole Echo Lake area.  Taking photos at night is fun because these photos can really come out quite well and I get the greatest satisfaction as an aspiring photographer when I get a great night photo.  

Look at the hand prints

Since stopping to notice the details seems to be a running theme here, my last tip is to look at all of the hand prints found in the Great Movie Ride courtyard.  There's quite a few and whenever I look at them, they usually bring back a lot of memories.  Sometimes you'll have forgotten about someone that was famous in the early 1990s.  Other times you'll remember a film that they were in.  Or some prints are just fun to look at and see who else's prints are also there (like their kids).

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