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For years many Disney World fans have dismissed Disney's Hollywood Studios as not being a full day park, citing there not enough to do.  As you might imagine, I've never really agreed with that point but in the past six years, we've seen a number of premiere attractions added to the park that has to by now finally put to rest the argument that Hollywood Studios needs more attractions to be a full day park.

Consider what Hollywood Studios has receieved in the past six years:

I'm not even counting the various shows that have come and gone including three versions of High School Musical and Disney Channel Rocks nor the two parades that have graced the park: Block Party Bash and now Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun!.

The Hollywood Studios that was prevelant in the late 90s and into the first half of the last decade where Sunset Boulevard was where everyone went and after that there wasn't much else is gone now. Disney has been adding new attractions to Hollywood Studios at a rapid pace since the 50th Celebration event of 2005.  In fact, the Studios has basically recieved a new attraction that would qualify for D-Ticket or better ever since.

Let me put this in very clear terms: If you still believe there isn't enough to do in Hollywood Studios, then you are choosing not to experience everything.  

It's like going to the Magic Kingdom, declaring all of Fantasyland "for kids", riding the mountain range attractions and saying there isn't anything else to do there.  For whatever reason, many guests who rule out so many attractions in Hollywood Studios, are willing to ride so-called "classic attractions" in the Magic Kingdom over and over again despite their age and tameness. 

When you consider that your morning in Hollywood Studios can now consist of Toy Story Midway Mania, Rock 'n Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Star Tours and the Great Movie Ride, that's a pretty full morning and you still haven't seen any of the great stage shows or experienced any of the other attractions left in the park.

Obviously I'm a tad bit bias towards Hollywood Studios but with the opening of Star Tours 2 last month, I've had similar conversations with others who have come to the same conclusion that I have.  When you consider all of the new attractions that are in the Studios to experience now, there's never been more quality attractions in the park and the fever pitch of new attractions that have come down the pipeline has spoiled us.

As many of you sit down to plan your summer trips to Walt Disney World, be sure to reconsider how much time you're planning on spending at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  You may be surprised to realize how much more there is to do these days.

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