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Dreaming of a food event

With Food and Wine Festival starting up officially this past weekend, many Disney World regulars are beginning to look forward to their next trip to Disney World so they can go around World Showcase and try out a number of different foods and like them, I am eagerly looking forward to sampling a variety of cuisines myself. As usual, I started thinking about how Hollywood Studios could benefit from an event like this and how it could fit into Hollywood Studios and I started brainstorming some ideas for how a food-centric event could find it's way to the park where movie magic is king.

The obvious question is "how does a food event fit into a park about movie making?" and I spent some time trying to figure it out myself, but then it hit me.  Have the event be like a production spread.  Meaning, when films are in production in a real movie set, the production company has to provide food for the crew and cast so why not have a spread of foods in the Backlot area of the park for a variety of faux films (or even real ones if Disney wanted to tie things in nicely) that have food based on the film's content.  

For example, for Ratatouille, you could have a buffet of food options from France.  Or from Pirates of the Caribbean, some Caribbean and Creole foods to sample. Each area would feature a variety of foods for sale for guests to try.  You would find a nice backdrop from the films and a set up that looks like something from backstage from a film, such as director's chairs, cameras, clapboards, et al.  A simple backdrop along with some food choices similar to Food & Wine Festival (small samples of each food for a few dollars each).

The success of Food & Wine Festival each years tells me that guests come to Walt Disney World for their world class attractions, but dining and eating is more than just a necessity.  It's become a real draw to the parks and certainly anyone reading this article knows of a few restaurants across Walt Disney World that are their favorites to go to each year.  By expanding upon the idea of Food & Wine Festival, Disney could obviously make some more money and guests could find yet another event that offers some tasty food without having to commit to an entire meal of it.  

To be honest, I realize this idea is just a pipe dream of mine but I think we all think of these sort of ideas when we visit Walt Disney World.  The sort of ideas that often start out, "Wouldn't it be great if Disney did...." and suddenly a simple idea seems like a sure-fire success.  Frankly, I think we the guests are influenced by the Imagineers who were tasked by Walt himself to be the dreamers for the park.  Just as they come up with ideas for attractions for the parks, it's natural for guests to do their own day dreaming for what could be coming next given the example Imagineers have set for us.

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Posted: Wednesday, September 30, 2009 by