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Dreaming of bringing something back to Hollywood Studios

Summer Nightastic kicked off this past Sunday officially at Walt Disney World, which has brought some nice changes to Hollywood Studios for the summer (I'll have a full roundup of my thoughts on it in next week's column) but the stand out highlight of the summer promotion has to be the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade at the Magic Kingdom.  Whether you saw the parade many years ago and remember it fondly or are new to it, there's no denying how good of a nighttime parade it is and since Disney has brought the Main Street Electrical Parade back for a little while as well as bringing back Captain EO to Epcot for a short period of time, I began to think what I would want to bring back to Hollywood Studios for a while.

When I started thinking of what classic Disney-MGM/Hollywood Studios attraction I'd want to bring back, I had to come up with a few rules. First, it has to be practical.  As much as I'd want Residential Street or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire - Play It! brought back, they aren't going to demolish existing attractions for a short period of time.  So it has to somehow work in to the Studios today.  The other rule is it has to be somewhat realistic in terms of what Disney might actually be able to do, so no ideas like "just build a classic Studios attraction park across the street" or something else involving millions of dollars.

The first idea I had was to bring back the Monster Sound Show.  Given that Sounds Dangerous is anything but operational these days, they could easily swap out the films and bring in a few props to bring this classic attraction starring Chevy Chase and Martin Short back to the stage for a little bit.  Given that the building itself is nearly identical to the Monster Sound Show, it wouldn't take much to make it happen.  Monster Sound Show is a good start, but we can do better.

I did some more thinking and thought there has to be something that is going to appeal to the greatest audience possible while also allowing the most people to experience it.  Since the Magic Kingdom has a parade and fireworks it brought back, that inspired me for what I'd want to bring back to the Studios.  While Fantasmic! is a great show even to this day, I'd love for them to show in addition to Fantasmic!, Sorcery in the Sky, one of the best fireworks shows at Walt Disney World back in it's day.  Sorcery in the Sky was shown on Hollywood Boulevard behind the Great Movie Ride and as long as you were somewhere in the vicinity of that area, you would be able to see a really awesome show.  Combining fireworks, classic movie music and Vincent Price narrating, it doesn't get much better to that.  Consider that you'd also have Fantasmic! being shown later that night (similar to what occurs on July 4th and New Years Eve), and it would make Hollywood Studios the place to be at night in Walt Disney World.

What I liked about Sorcery in the Sky was the "intimacy" of the show.  The fireworks were shot off from basically Mickey Avenue and being on Hollywood Boulevard, you were right near the fireworks, which I always thought gave it a feeling of being so much closer to the action than other fireworks shows.  I always found it to be such a treat to see and think others have the same sort of fond memories of this Studios classic. So how about it Disney?  How about bringing back this piece of Walt Disney World magic back for a little while? 

What do you think?  What classic attraction would you bring back at Hollywood Studios if only for a short while?

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