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Disney's Hollywood Studios is the place to be for New Years Eve

There are less than two weeks left of the year 2012 (or two days, depending on if you believe the Mayans or not) and many people will be descending upon Walt Disney World to ring in the new year.  If you're considering welcoming in 2013 while somewhere in Walt Disney World, there is no question that the best place to do it is in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Even the most naïve park guest probably can guess that the parks will be very crowded for New Years Eve but the reality is the crowds at Disney's Hollywood Studios on New Years Eve are by far the most manageable.  Unlike the Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios will not close to capacity on December 31st and to be honest, you can arrive at any time you want to be able to enjoy what the park has to offer on New Years Eve.

I need to be clear that Disney's Hollywood Studios is not empty on New Years Eve.  By the time you get close to the midnight fireworks, it will feel like a sardine can to some extent.  The difference is at Disney's Hollywood Studios, the sardine can feeling will be far less than the Magic Kingdom or Epcot.  Having done New Years Eve at the Studios for a few years, I've come to see how much more manaeable the crowds are.

Besides the relatively lower crowd levels, Disney's Hollywood Studios also offers a lot of things to do in the park that is unique to this time of the year.  Besides the attractions, here's the list of entertainment to be found in the park on New Years Eve

That is a pretty good line up of entertainment to enjoy in addition to the fun rides and shows the park has to offer.

So why do people not choose to go to Disney's Hollywood Studios?  Is there a reason why most people opt to go to the Magic Kingdom or Epcot instead?  My honest feeling is that most park guests simply do not consider the Studios an option.  There's this thought process that holidays need to be spent in the Magic Kingdom or to a lesser degree Epcot.  It may have to do with how the parks are marketed but most people simply overlook the Studios as an option. The reality is there's plenty of unique entertainment to enjoy in the Studios with far less hassle.

On top of all of that, Disney is keeping Disney's Hollywood Studios open even later than just midnight.  For Walt Disney World resort guests, the park has evening Extra Magic hours from midnight to 3am.  Considering the park officially opens at 8am that day (although you can bet on guests being let in slightly earlier than that), you have about 17 hours of time in Disney's Hollywood Studios on December 31st.

So let's see, we have the least crowds of the parks, pretty darn good entertainment and extra long park hours.  That sounds like a recipe for the perfect way to ring in the new year and Disney's Hollywood Studios is the place to do it.

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