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Counter service menu changes are a step in the right direction

Over the weekend we saw two counter service restaurants at Disney's Hollywood Studios introduce new menus.  The new menus are in addition to changes we've seen at other counter service menus in the park and all of this points to a better direction for the Disney's Hollywood Studios quick service restaurants.

One complaint I've heard over the years is the counter service restaurants in the Studios are nothing special.  Especially in the last few years, it seems the diversity of food and choices had dwindled and the result was a park that didn't offer a lot of enticing options.

The good news is over the last year or so, food & beverage at Disney's Hollywood Studios has been introducing new menu choices that seem to be moving the state of quick service food forward.  What I like about them is we're seeing an increase in the amount of choices on the menu and new foods we haven't seen elsewhere in Walt Disney World.  There's buffalo chicken nuggets, couscous quinoa and arugula salad and cantaloupe and cucumber salad that are all new and sound very interesting.  I think the biggest complaint you'll hear about counter service food in Walt Disney World is that it's "all the same".

Let's not overlook that places like Starring Rolls Bakery have been serving up some unique and beloved desserts as well.  It's easy to forget that Starring Rolls is also a quick service location and while it may not be a place you go for a typical quick service meal, it is one of the best places in all of Walt Disney World for a tasty and decadent dessert.

I hope the new menu trend continues in the Studios and spreads to Sunset Boulevard, whose Sunset Ranch Market I feel is in the greatest need of new menus.  The food at Catalina Eddies and Rosie's All American Cafe has never been a favorite of mine and it seems like it's been the same menu for a decade now.

Of course, the real negative aspect to menu changes is whenever we see a new menu, inevitably we also see price increases and that's been consistantly the case with all of the new menus we've seen this year.  With most entrees close to $10, it's becoming more and more expensive for these meals without a whole lot more to see on your lunch plate.

I'm hoping these latest menu changes are part of an overall trend to update the menus at some of the Disney's Hollywood Studios quick service menus that need it the most.   Guests want more than just a typical theme park burger and a greater diversity of food choices benefits the entire park.

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Posted: Wednesday, September 05, 2012 by