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Christmas Wish to Santa for Hollywood Studios

If I know my Christmas movies, then I know a wish to Santa Claus results in a Chrismtas miracle that will grant me that very wish.  With Christmas almost here, I thought it might be a good time to seek Santa's assistance in some issues affecting Hollywood Studios that don't seem to be getting resolved on their own.

Fill my empty stocking, err, empty space

A pet peeve for years has been empty space in Hollywood Studios that isn't being utilized.  Today there are two areas that need to be addressed, Sounds Dangerous and Journey into Narnia. Both locations are ripe for something new so I'd like to see new attractions show up here so the park can be maximized in terms of capacity.  

Considering both of these attractions were A or B ticket attractions at best, I'm not asking for E-Ticket attractions (I think that might require divine intervention), just something new we can all enjoy.

Peace on Earth, or at least better parking

I'm not sure why, but the parking lot situation in Disney's Hollywood Studios has been an issue.  Maybe it's because I'm there every week but for whatever reason, logic seems to defy the parking situation.  Some days guests are first parked in Stage and then Film and then Music.  Other days it's Film first, then Music and then Stage.  I don't care what the situation is, Stage should always be the first lot filled and then move backwards from there.

Furthermore, Cast Members lately have been holding guests back from boarding the parking trams out of some unfounded fear that they will be hit by a car.  While their concern is cute, it's unnecessary.  Let's leave things alone and let the system that has worked for years (and still does in the other theme park parking lots) stay in place.

All I Want For Christmas Is...a parade

When I peek under the Christmas tree to see what Santa brought me, I really, really hope there's a new afternoon parade wrapped up for me.  The current parade, Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun!, is dull, short and boring.  I'd love to get a new parade that I can actually look forward to seeing once again in Hollywood Studios.  I really loved Block Party Bash and enjoyed the Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade so let's get back on track with a new parade.

I wouldn't mind seeing parades in the Studios go back to highlighting the latest Disney film (provided their lifespan was about a year or so) or go back to the drawing board entirely and look at what made Block Party Bash such a success.  My biggest problem with Countdown to Fun is it feels cheap and is way too short.  Any new parade needs to look like it was something more than a spray paint of the last parade.  

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