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The best way to spend $50 in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Hypotethetical questions are always fun to ponder and today I considered how I would spend $50 in Disney's Hollywood Studios if it was given to me to use.  Everyone has different ways they might spend it but after contemplating the possibilities for a while, I came up with my answer.

When considering what I'd spend the money on, I came to the conclusion that since it wasn't my money to start with and that this was a bonus for me to spend freely in the park, I wanted to spend it on things I might not ordinarily spend it on.  So assuming I would have to buy myself lunch or dinner whether I had the $50 or not, I left meals out of the equation.  

While meals may not be a factor, I haven't eliminated food entirely.  I love the snacks at Disney's Hollywood Studios and quite often I don't buy these treats simply because it isn't prudent.  So the first thing I'd do is go to Sweet Spells on Sunset Boulevard and purcahse a few tasty treats.  I'm a sucker for marshmallow snacks so I'd pick up the s'mores bar they have along with perhaps a few other chocolate dipped snacks.  I figure this would cost me about $15 total.

I hardly ever buy snacks like that but that's nothing compared to how little Walt Disney World merchandise I buy these days.  My favorite gift shop in the park has to be the Tower of Terror gift shop so I'd continue down Sunset Boulevard and head to Tower Hotel Gifts to pick out some Hollywood Tower Hotel themed items, such as a towel or slippers.  I've always thought these were very cool ideas for merchandise and so I'd pick up a  hand towel for about $20.

I'm left with $15 now to decide how best to spend it.  After careful consideration I think I'd spend my last few dollars at the new Droid Factory inside Tatooine Traders gift shop.  This is a build-your-own astromech droid and it costs $11.95 for one of them.  I think it'd be cool to have one that I made that I could display proudly on my desk to show off how big a nerd I am how much I love Star Wars.

I'll admit this was a tough decision to make overall.  I could have spent my $50 on a few other things such as drawings/art from the Animation Gallery store or a new t-shirt.  Heck, I even like some of the retro Walt Disney World merchandise we're seeing now.  

So if you got $50, how would you spend it at Disney's Hollywood Studios?

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Posted: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 by