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Best Cast Member Jobs at Hollywood Studios

At one point or another, I think everyone dreams about working in Walt Disney World as a Cast Member.  It's like an obligatory dream that sooner or later, every Disney World fan has and it varies from job to job.  Some dream about being a "big wig" while others yearn to be able to operate their favorite attraction even for just a day.  At Hollywood Studios, there are a few positions that I would love to try out as well as positions I just think are very cool and seem to give the Cast Member a lot of satisfaction out of them.

Tower of Terror

My first dream of being a Cast Member at the Studios was after seeing how cool the Tower of Terror is and the amazing costumes that the Cast Members get to wear here.  There's just something about that maroon outfit that exudes coolness (well actually they look very hot in the summer, but that's not what I mean).  In addition to looking good and being at a popular ride, Disney lets the Cast Members develop a persona, where they act like they are from the Fifth Dimension of the Twilight Zone.  No Cast Member is better at this than TJ and if I ever worked here, my feeble attempt at a Tower of Terror persona would be inspired by TJ. 

American Idol Experience Host

From the first time I saw the American Idol Experience, I knew the host (the Ryan Seacrest role) was very talented and it's a role at Walt Disney World that I envy.  Beyond the great three piece suit that the host usually wears, I'm jealous of their talents as a host to be able to be a smooth talker regardless of what the contestants say or what happens on stage.  While I'm jealous of them, I also admire their skills and think that this position is one that really requires a lot of talent and the hosts really do a great job and tying the whole show together.

Citizen of Hollywood

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of what the Citizens of Hollywood do every day.  They are extremely funny and quick on their feet to be able to not only talk to any guest that comes by but also be able to be funny.  It seems like they have a never ending supply of great jokes and one-liners ready for anything that a guest says or does.  It may be hard to see it, but these folks are truly the most talented group of performers I've ever seen and they really take their craft seriously.  

There are a few categories of Citizens, such as aspiring actors, movie stars, cops, talent agents, faded stars and a few others.  I think for me, I'd go for director.  They seem to have a lot of fun and there's a few different angles one can take with it.  Otto von Bonn Bahn is a "stick in the mud" while Flavio Fellini is a jovial guy who loves the ladies. I'm thinking I could be a famous French film director who portrays every French stereotype and for a name, Toulouse De Beat sounds good.  It's a work in progress....

Block Party Bash

While I don't necessarily have aspirations to be a Cast Member in this role, I do admire the folks that work here, especially the Cast Members that perform in the acrobatic roles.  From the trampoliners (I don't think that's a word) to the dancers to the people on those pogo stick leg things, these Cast Members go all out for every performance regardless of how hot it is. You can definitely tell they have a passion for what they do but they also have fun with it and I think that's why I think this is one of the best positions.  If you can go to work and have a real good time, that's a great job.

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