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Answering questions

I decided to raid the WDW Today listener question mail bag and answer some questions regarding Disney's Hollywood Studios. If you know anything about the podcast, it's that we can use all the help it can get in terms of answering questions.

First question is from Amy Schneider of Milan, Indiana.

Going to the World in October, hopefully this makes it to you in time.  On the UG touring plan for HS the first step is to get a FP for TSM, then move on and ride RNR.   Could we ride TSM in the standby line and then get a FP when we get off and then continue with the TP?  Will this alter our wait times dramatically later in the morning by riding TSM first? This will be a morning with EMH that we WILL get up for.  The crowd level for the Studios is a 3.6.  I also assume it is best to ride TSM in the standby line first, then get a FP versus get a FP and then get in standby line?  Thanks for all you do!

You can definitely ride Toy Story Midway Mania first and then get a FASTPASS when you exit the attraction, but keep in mind the return time for Toy Story Midway Mania will likely be much later in the day.  The other major consideration is time, since riding Toy Story Midway Mania will take longer than getting a FASTPASS.

My suggestion is to get to the park ridiculously early before it opens (like at least 30 minutes early) so that you are literally first in line at the turnstiles.  Then, when the park opens, you need to walk at a brisk pace so that you can be among the first to ride Toy Story MIdway Mania.  If you can accomplish this, then the time difference should be negligable.  Good luck!

Next email is from Brandon of Myerstown, PA.

I'll be going to WDW on June 18th and 19th prior to my 4 night Disney cruise. On the 18th I was thinking of trying to fit Illuminations and a10:30 Fantasmic in the same night. Is this possible? If so what's the best way to get to DHS from EPCOT?

So assuming Illuminations is at 9pm in Epcot, and it will be over around 9:30 or so, then theoretically it's possible to make the 10:30pm Fantasmic! but it won't be for the faint of heart.

First, I'd recommend watching Illuminations as close to the International Gateway as possible, so that's somewhere in the United Kingdom pavilion or France.  Then, the second Illuminations is over, high tail it out of Epcot, through the International Gateway and walk as fast as you can to the Studios via the Boardwalk path.  On a good day, you'll be able to do the way in about 20 minutes.

Another alternative is you have dinner at the Beach Club resort before going to Epcot, park your car at the Beach Club and then after Illuminations walk quickly to your car and drive over to the Studios.  Depending on traffic and luck, either scenario could work.  Regardless of which you choose, you likely won't get optimal seats for Fantasmic! but if you're in the mood for an adventure it's definitely possible.

Our last question is from Ethan

I¹ve heard SO many different things about how early to arrive at fantasmic. I realize it depends on crowd level, but let¹s just say on an average day, how early do I get there?

My general rule of thumb is for the first Fantasmic! show, you need to arrive about an hour before show time for a seat.  For the second show, 45 minutes early should do it.  

Keep in mind these times are for guaranteed seating and likely optimal seating.  If you aren't particular about where you sit, then you might be able to shave off 5-10 minutes here or there.

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