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Why I'm Going Back

Friday, February 12, 2010

Most Disney nerds have heard it at least once: "You're going to Disney World again?" And yes I am. Not for about another six months, but it's been many years since I didn't know where my next trip was coming from.

So, why do I keep going back? Here are just a few of the reasons I keep going back to Walt Disney World, and particularly Disney's Hollywood Studios:

Because I've been practicing my ring-toss skills on Toy Story Mania home edition, and I hope to set a new personal record on the "real thing."

Because the make-your-own Mr Potato Heads on my desk need refresher accessories.

Because they're enhancing the Tower of Terror.

Because the Sorcerer's Hat lit up at night will always remind me of children dancing.

Because I can't draw anywhere else, but somehow at the Animators Academy I walk out with a masterpiece.

Because no matter how many times I stand in the queue for the Great Movie Ride, I never get tired of watching the Fantasia trailer on the big screen.

Because I will never learn to make pot roast like I can get at the 50s Prime Time.

Because I need one more guaranteed fake celebrity autograph from Bucky Greenhorn.

Because I'm curious to see how well the new queue system at Rock'n Roller Coaster works.

Because Mickey always conquers evil.

Because somehow, despite all reasons to the contrary, I never get tired of the film loop at the Sci Fi Dine In.

Because in the middle of this bleak New England winter, I need to know there's a little magic in my future.